Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Short Tropical Drink

I am all Halloween'ed out.  Sick of black and orange which I did last week.  I tried brown and orange today (it's the first Sunday of the month, so we're supposed to wear orange) but I felt tired and dumpy.  What to do, what to do. 

Turquoise and orange?

So be it. 

Old Walmart strapless dress, bought at Goodwill years ago for $6.  Orange tee I bought at Ross about a year ago for $5.  Beat up leopard flip flops, and lovely necklace from my friend Natalie.  I am mad about the boobs.  That is my new bra.  It looks HORRIBLE.  I am wondering if it's just the face that it's a strapless dress making me look wonky.  Because I love the colors on this but boobs are sad.

See, I'm smiling!  It's so nice out, around 65 when I took these pictures although it's up to 80 now.  But still, I will take 80 over the 90 we had on Friday.  90.  90 in November.  It's not right, peeps.  But this outfit reminded me of some of the lovely colors of the tropics...perhaps a drink or a macaw?  I'd definitely wear this again, but with a different bra for sure.

Oh wow, my hair is twisted up in a half done bun.  How shocking.

I haven't had a comment on this blog in about a month.  I sure hope everyone is doing well.  Things are getting better at work because we have 5 people doing authorizations instead of 3.  What a difference.  I feel like I can breathe again!  My overtime is gone but that is fine by me.  I also have some vacation time coming up, but I'll hardly be resting.  My daughter is having all four wisdom teeth out on my first day of vacation.  I imagine I'll be spending the day feeding her soup and probably catching up on housework while she sleeps (and complains, because that is what she tends to do.  ALL.  THE.  TIME.)

Mr. R has been gone for two weeks and won't be home until Thanksgiving.  I can't remember the last time he's done 6 weeks not at home.  He usually does two weeks, maybe three tops.  I don't miss him yet (I know that sounds terrible but I'm so used to him being gone that I don't tend to really miss him until it's been about three weeks) but by Thanksgiving, I will be so happy to see him!  And we don't do black Friday shopping (I refuse to capitalize the b in black Friday) so hubby and I have plans to go to the beach and have a lovely seafood dinner. 

Speaking of shopping, I have asked my kiddos what they want for Christmas, and the opinion was overwhelming:  CASH.  Personally, I am down with that.  I told each of them they'd get an envelope with money, and then their stocking.  They all liked this idea, and plus I get out of shopping.  Win win!  Now all I have to do is shop for my parents and my sister/husband, and Mr. R's family.   I can do that all in one day and be done, and then spend Christmas reflecting on what is most important to me: family, food, and worshipping the Lord.  Awesome!

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