Sunday, October 27, 2013

Move To Florida

Today is one of those days, if a person were vacationing in Florida on this very day, they'd decide to pack up their northern home and move here.  It couldn't be any prettier.  Bright blue sky, big puffy white clouds and a high of 74.  I have all the windows and doors open, I turned off the AC for the first time in 6 months, and I have been happily reorganizing my medicine cabinet while listening to my boys screaming at the football on TV. 

Unfortunately, my pictures today didn't turn out as great as my mood.  I think this is what happens when your photographer doesn't care.

Bright sun and impatient boys!  Wearing my Walmart dress again...been wearing it a lot lately.  It's so comfy!  I bought this is Gastonia NC several years ago.  Black $2 flea market necklace, and my (I think? I cut tags out of stuff if it bugs me) Torrid striped vest/cardigan thingy, orange Walmart tank purchased this year for $3, and old gray American Eagle flats.  Would definitely wear this again.  Was very comfortable and I promise I looked very pulled together, even though my pics today don't reflect that.

But I do think, I am finally done with this hair.  I am forever unhappy with it.  I know last week I had a good day but more often than not, it looks ratty like this, unkempt, and makes me sweat really bad.  I think if all you ever do is wear it in a ponytail or bun, you're kind of done with it.  And I think I'm at that point.  However, not doing to just chop it.  I need to see if it's long enough to donate again.  If I'm going to cut it, I want someone to by blessed by it.


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