Sunday, July 21, 2013

We Are So Blue Around Here

No, not sad, but just surrounded by the lovely color blue!  I know red is my favorite color, but I just love all shades of blue and so I decided to wear it from head to toe today (ok, not toe...I couldn't find my blue shoes.  I need to organize my closet!)

My backyard.  The purple and pink trees are actually the same kind of three, they're called crepe myrtles.  Mine just bloomed about a week ago, it's so beautiful!  I planted this tree a year after I moved into my house back in 2001.  It was a simple three gallon plant at one point, and now it's much taller than me!  It's the only plant I've ever touched which hasn't died.

The pink one is ours, the purple one belongs to the neighbor.  The trees also come in shades of white which are also incredibly beautiful.

Blue WalMart tank dress, bought at Goodwill for $6 back in 2011.  Aqua blue wrap top, bought off eBay so long ago I can't remember the price, and my blue Avenue necklace, bought in 2013 for $18.  Turquoise bracelet...shoot I can't remember.  It's old though.  I'm wearing my Avenue pewter sandals which you can't see in this photo since the gardenia bush is in front of me.

I got a hair cut...I know you can't tell.  The lady did a fine job, she did exactly what I asked her to do, but I'm still not happy because it's so blah.  Oh, I also recolored it, just did the roots dark brown and that's it.  My hospital now has a policy where we can't have highlights or any "un-natural" hair color.  It totally bums me out.  No one even sees me at work since I work from home but if I get called in for a meeting and I have anything besides brown in my hair, I could get fired.  Unreal.  It has nothing to do with my job performance and patients don't even see me.  I just don't get this rule.  I can't even have highlights in blonde or red.  One color only.  Zzzzz.....

Blue skies, puffy white clouds, beautiful trees and plants?  Yes, please!

Oh, my kid who now has blue hair.   Guess he won't be getting a job at the hospital any time soon.  Heh heh heh.

It's just hair, people!  Even if he hated it, he could just shave it.  But he loves it. 

Oh look, a kitty decided to hop in my seat while I was up changing the laundry out.

You are lucky you're so darned cute.

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