Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On My Mind

No pictures today; trust me, there's nothing much to see.  Maxi coral skirt, pink flip flops, black and white striped tank.  No make up, no jewelry, just wearing my glasses and cradling a cup of coffee between phone calls and typing.

Bucket is home today; suspended for fighting.  I'm more upset about how rude he was to the adults at his school who broke up the fight, than the actual fight.  Despite the fact that we live in the largest city in my county, there's not much as far as ESE (exceptional student education) in this high school.  If you're in ESE, you spend the day with the same group of people; unfortunately, there is one child who Bucket has been having issues with since the 6th grade.  It's not the first time this name has been mentioned during Bucket's many suspensions, and I'm sure it won't be the last.  It's not even a bullying situation, as it's two people who don't get along, and are stuck with each other all day long.  And with both of them lacking most social skills, it erupts into fighting quickly. 

A job promotion was advertised in my department and I kept it for three days, re-reading it over and over.  I met every single requirement they desired.  But I can't pull the trigger...what if I'm pregnant?  If we hadn't done the reversal, I'd do it in a heartbeat.  But I can't bear the thought of a baby in daycare.  But yet...I am so SO BORED at my current job.  Bored enough that I have time to write blog posts while I'm on hold with Cigna, correct?  While I'd love a challenge, I'm not sure spending at least two hours per day in my car, plus being in management, is going to fix anything in my life.

I deleted the ad.

I have a very full life, right now.  And that is without (knowingly, anyway) being pregnant.  I desperately need to be spending some time and money on my current health.  I need to keep up on my house more.  I desire real dinners, walks in the cool of the evening.  I miss reading.  Yesterday I had three nose bleeds, which are almost always stress related.  I've got a roll of TP at my desk in case another one erupts.  Yeah...I think I'll be avoiding I4, avoiding more paperwork, more stress.  I want LESS...not more!


Kelly said...

I think passing on the promotion is a good idea. You have lots going on. And when you have a new'll be really glad you did.

I'm coveting your nice weather. It's gusty/windy today with snow. I'm wearing a thick long skirt, sweater and boots and my wool coat...still. March....the longest month of winter....until April comes and it still snows BLAH!

Sarah R said...

I have to admit, it's super nice here today, Kelly. We are projected to get some rain which is desperately needed due to many wildfires in the are. It's warm though, about 80. It was about 50 when I got up.