Sunday, March 31, 2013

O The Wonderful Cross

Are there songs that trigger tears for you?  I have many.  I find music so personal, so intense, that I take it very seriously and some songs, no matter what mood I'm in, will have my eyes fill up.  This is one of those songs:  O The Wonderful Cross.

Sunday school was crazy today!  We had at least double our usual (which is the norm for Easter) and for the first time in a while, we had a puker.  Too much chocolate.  Poor girl was horrified and crying mostly because she was embarrassed.  Poor thing.  I don't like throwing up in front of people, either!

I wore a new dress, which I bought in February from Ross.  This dress cost...I'm not kidding...$9.99.   I hated it on the rack, tried it on, loved it.  Figured it would be cute for Easter.  I'm not sure it's bright enough:

I started off wearing my white Target cardigan which I bought probably two or three years ago.  It didn't last long; I was sweating so bad it came off quickly!

Hair in a ponytail.  Ho hum.

I got these cute pink flip flops at Target yesterday.  I hadn't intended to buy them, but the ones I was wearing broke and I couldn't walk around barefoot.  (as much as I'd like to)

Oh.  And it's windy, too!

No outfit documentation is complete without me making a stupid face.

I'll be wearing this dress ALL THE TIME.  It is so comfy and colorful!

This place is packed today!

He is risen!

Gorgeous banners.

Happy Easter to you, my readers!  I hope your day is immeasurably blessed!


The Working Home Keeper said...

Happy Easter! I LOVE your new dress! And what a great price!

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

Cheriz Angel said...

I love this dress! I just can't resist bright colors.

Sarah R said...

Me either. As I've gotten older, I definitely like them more. You would not have caught me in this outfit even five years ago.

And thank you, Mary Ellen! I love a good deal!