Saturday, December 22, 2012

Home Protection

It seems like a crass thing to write about, considering what happened in CT only a week ago.  Many people think guns are evil, that the country needs gun control.  I really understand why people think that way.  It makes perfect sense to law abiding people; tougher gun laws make it harder to get guns.  Except that criminals don't follow laws, they don't care about regulations.  Criminals are just like Satan...they come to steal, kill and destroy!

I bought my daughter's bed tonight.  We came home and started to unload the mattress when Missy stated she heard a dog running toward us.  I immediately herded the kids into the house, and my timing was good; because there was about a 100 lb pit bull sniffing around my yard.  Missy stated that the dog belonged to the people who live three houses down.  I grabbed my taser and went back into MY YARD to get the rest of the bedding.  The dog seemed to have gone back to his own yard, and so Missy and Bucket helped me unload the car (actually, they unloaded, I kept an eye out for this dog.)  And praise GOD that I did, because I heard a rustling and then the hairs stood up on the back of my neck.  That dog was only feet from me, growling and ready to pounce.  It was not a small easily could have taken me or one of the kids down.  I stood between my kids who were holding a mattress and that dog, and I shoved my taser towards it and I hit the button.  Nothing.  It started growling even more at me.  I urged the kids to HURRY AND GET IN THE HOUSE, SCREW THE MATTRESS.  It came toward me, slowly, teeth bared and a horrible growl.  I got closer.  I hit the taser again.  Missy and Bucket hustled to get that mattress in, and finally, on the third time I hit the taser button, the dog yelped and ran away.  With Missy and Bucket inside, I walked in but facing toward the street (was not going to turn my back!) got inside, locked the door, and called 911.  Police were there within five minutes.  Two cars went to the neighbor's house; I watched as absolutely nothing seemed to happen.  I have no idea if they got a ticket or a summons, but the cops never came back to my house to report anything.  What is up with that?

I am so, so grateful, that my husband insisted that I carry a taser.   I dislike weapons.  I really, really do.  I don't like guns, I don't like tasers.  I'm a non-confrontational person.  I don't even like arguing with people!  But if I hadn't had this taser tonight, I would probably be in the hospital.  I might even be dead, or maybe the baby would have died.  What if it had ran past me to get Missy or Bucket?  I shudder to even think.  And it happened so, so fast!  I'm glad I called 911 and they showed up so fast, but what if that dog had been chewing on me for 5 minutes before they got there?

It's scary to think about, but on a moment's notice, would you be able to protect your family?  From a dog, a carjacker, a home invasion?  Or is your only protection praying that the police will make it to your house before the worst damage is done?

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