Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I had a very nice Thanksgiving, although no one took any pictures of me, and I just forgot.  I'll wear the outfit again soon, especially if it stays cool.  Unfortunately, the weather may not hold up for that so maybe it will be a Christmas outfit.

Great conversation around the table.

Bucket refusing to let me take his picture.

My husband, who always has something to say.

My daughter, who decided she wanted to go blonde.

Not sure why Tiger came out blurry.

And Brody the dog, in a turkey coma.

I woke up with high blood sugar, 210.  I was kind of surprised until I thought back on what I'd had for dinner.  A burger with barbecue sauce (loaded with sugar even though I only used a teaspoon), and a slice of pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream.  Sugar, sugar, sugar.  So I decided to have only an Atkins shake for breakfast and wait for Thanksgiving.  I then proceeded to stuff my face.  I had meatballs, cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, half a sweet potato, stuffing, turkey, gravy and green beans and biscuits with butter.

My sugar spiked to 247 after dinner and I decided I should go for a walk to try and bring those levels down.  Did I mention I didn't take my meds?  I went for a 20 minute walk, came back and tested again.  274.  This is not good; your sugar should go down after you exercise, not go up.  I took a 30 minute break and tested again.  298.  OH CRAP.  I have never...I mean EVER seen my sugar this high.  I grabbed Mr. R and told him I had to go home RIGHT NOW I needed my meds or else I would need a trip to the emergency room for an insulin infusion.

We got right home, and I took my meds.  Within one hour, I had dropped down to 224.  Phew.  I ate a small snack of a piece of turkey and now I"m holding steady.  Funny thing is, I can't feel when my blood sugar goes up.  I can only tell when it's going down because I feel like I'm going to faint.  I have been trying for quite some time to control my diabetes with diet only, and natural meds like cinnamon tablets and alpha lipoic.  Well, I think my body must have gotten used to it, because it's definitely not working like it used to.  I want to wake up with my sugar around 100-110, not 200!  I hate Metformin which is the first drug diabetes tend to get.  It gave me the worst diarrhea I've ever had in my life, to the point where I could not control my own bowels and did far more laundry than a grown woman should.  I called it "The Devil's Colon."

Anyway, I have an appointment with a doctor on Monday and hopefully I will get some answers on my diabetic issues.  Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. 


Cheriz Angel said...

At least you got pictures of your family! I didn't take any this year, super lazy Thanksgiving-seriously I stayed in PJ's all day! I know all food technically converts to sugar/glucose once it is in the body, but have you noticed any "trigger" foods? My mom is diabetic, and I know for her stuff like pop and potato chips are things that make her blood sugar go way up. She had a friend however that fruit would do it to, but my mom doesn't have that issue with fruit.

Sarah R said...

Definitely potatoes are my trigger which is a bummer because I LOVE potatoes. I'm not a huge candy cake or pie person. Chips and potatoes are my trigger. Soda is also a trigger but I can walk away from a soda with no issue.