Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dressed Like A Lady

I was hiding under my little portico because my neighbor was in her driveway.

 Wearing the navy dress I bought years ago for $12.99 at Ross.  This could be one of my favorite dresses.  I think it looks great in all seasons, the neckline is great and I love the swingy skirt.  I wish I had one in several colors. 
Wearing a Target pajama tank underneath it in gray, and my black Target flats.  Jewelry is a gift from my mom.  I felt very classy and pretty in church today.

Hair is mostly past the awkward growing out stage and I can now put it up in a twist and style my bangs.  I'm liking it a lot lately, except for the grays that try to creep in faster and faster!

This outfit and pose screams "I'm a lady!!!!"

Anyway, I'm sorry I disappeared for two weeks.  I've just had nothing to say.  I wear the same old clothes, do the same old job, and I kind of got bored with my own self.  It's still hot here, too, so while all my northern bloggy friends are wearing scarves and boots, I've still got long gypsy skirts and flip flops on.  Remember when I gave up the interview for the senior rep position in my department?  Well, the girl I trained in August got the job.  But it's really ok.  God has other plans for me.

Tiger got a new shirt.  I told him he looks like a highlighter. 

This the back of my hair.  I know it's not perfect but it'll do until it gets longer. 

I'm grateful for a short work week next week.  I'm only working Monday-Wednesday.  Our entire department has the option to work Friday if we feel like it.  And I don't.  So there.

Missy and I goofing off in church.  No pictures of Bucket this week.  He's been a royal grouch.  I think he's ready for a long weekend too.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving.  We are going to my mom's.  I'm TEAM ORANGE...meaning I'm in charge of sweet potatoes and pumpkin pies.  My sister injured her leg very badly a few weeks back (we're talking she's in a wheelchair, has had several MRIs, pain medication, and fluid withdrawn from her knee several times with a huge needle) so while this is normally her holiday to rock, I don't think she's doing much.  She's pretty bummed.  We also bought our own turkey and will be having our own little Thanksgiving here at the house on Saturday.  I'll take pictures, promise!

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