Sunday, November 4, 2012

Can You All Do Me A Favor?

I haven't had a comment in over three weeks.  Seriously, it doesn't bother me, but I want to make sure my blog is working, in case you wanted to comment and couldn't.  Just please leave a random comment and if I don't get one in three days, I will take my non technical brain to figure it out.  I'm just surprised to have not heard from anyone in so long.

Anyway!  While the rest of the county is still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy and an early winter, Florida is Florida.  It's hot and I am still wearing summer clothes.  I decided to break a cardinal rule today; I wore white after Labor Day.  Hey, it was 81 when I left for church.  I'll wear white if I want to!

No, that is not a baby belly, I'm just standing awkwardly, it appears.

That's better.  Green shirt which I bought off eBay easily 7 years ago, definitely under $10.  No tag in it, I cut it out because it was itchy and driving me crazy.  White Walmart skirt, bought this year for $20.  Avenue sandals, under $10, bought in 2011.

Still doing the swoopy bang thing.  I wore a full face of make up today and felt very cute.  I've got green eyeliner, an oyster colored shadow, black mascara, pink blush and lipstick.  Not so sure about the pink on me.

Besides wearing dresses, I particularly love the combo of a long skirt and top/tank top combo with sandals or flip flops and cute jewelry.  I didn't wear a necklace today, not sure why.  But my earrings are cute.  See?

I got these at a yard sale for $1.  And they match the top perfectly!  I don't have cute, delicate ears.  In fact, now that I think about it, there's not a whole lot on me that is cute OR delicate.  I really love earrings though.  I have two earring holes but I never use the second one, at least not since high school.  How many times are your ears pierced?  I had my nose pierced in college and I took it out after one day.  I do not have the nose for a piercing.  It is big enough already!

My only concession to "autumn"?  This cute mocha colored nail polish which is now my absolute favorite even though both of my boys think it looks like I have muddy toes.  But Missy loved it so this could be a boy vs. girl kind of thing.

Next weekend will be busy.  I have a bowling party on Saturday at 3pm, and then a youth ministry potluck on Sunday afternoon!  I will take lots of pictures, and it should be so much fun!  I love that my church is active and doesn't just stay inside the building.  We're out doing stuff in and for the community.  I think it makes a huge difference, don't you?

Oh, Nutmeg.  You don't miss a chance, do you?

Sly over the shoulder modeling pose.  Teenage boy photographer not amused.

I know red is my favorite color, but green is awesome too.

I am feeling better after having withdrawn my promotion application.  I will stick with the long term plan; using my $2000 overage check (leftover vacation pay I've saved up for years!) to buy Mr. R and I a new mattress and the study materials for me to take the harder coding exam when my license expires in April 2013.  Can you believe it's been nearly two years since I passed my CCA and haven't even been able to use it?  So sad.  I am also hoping to have enough (I have $2000 in there now, and I'm still building up funds, so I'm thinking I'm going to have around $2300) to get a contractor in the house to put up some drywall and create a new office space for me.  One thing I love doing is interior decorating in my head.  It's like the fanciest game of Tetris ever.  I have finally figured out a way to get an actual office without knocking down a wall, but putting one up, and moving a door over a few feet.  It's in the ugly freezer room!  It's big enough for my desk and computer and chair for now, but I hope to have money come tax return time to really fix it up.  I'm tired of being stuck in the corner by the kids bathroom.  It smells like teenager over there, and it's loud under the skylight.  I want to close a door and have a space for me!


Kelly said...

Hi Sarah :)

I've been blah....reading and not feeling like I had much to say. Oops.

I love your white skirt. I have a brown one just like it. I really like the pose with you and the cat.

And hey....if the weather warrants it, wear white :) I would. But here it is gray and cold...high of 42 today and 30 at night. We had snow showers forecast for last night. I was sleeping, so not sure if it happened or not.

Today is the first day we've not had rain in 8 days....still no sunshine. I'm hating the gray!

Bobbie said...

Hi, I am commenting so you know it works. Have a super week!

Sarah R said...

Thank you, Bobbie and Kelly! I appreciate you both letting me know that my blog wasn't broken! LOL...thank you!
Kelly, I know how much you hate that gray weather, and yet how much I miss it. I found out that my old house in Rockaway burnt down during Hurricane Sandy. Really sad to hear, although I haven't lived there in almost 30 years...

You should both be proud of me. I just bought a tye dye turquoise skirt at Walmart for $3. I was giggling when I found it in the clearance bin.

Erin said...

Hey Sarah! For some reason I don't usually comment but I love your blog & I always read it! I love how it makes me feel like I'm a part of your life even though we aren't in each others' daily lives! I've been praying for you! Love you, friend! : )

Sarah R said...

Aww, thank you Erin. Remember, we always have facebook. xoxox :D Love you too!

sahaana said...

Hi Sarah,

I have been reading your blog, just been occupied, have a 4 week old daughter in addition to my 3.5 yr old son, hence the lack of comments :-).

Sarah R said...

How wonderful! Oh, congratulations to you, Sahaana. I am so pleased to hear about your sweet new baby girl!