Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kickin It Black and White

I told you I'd buy the black and white maxi dress!  And this time, I did it right.  I bought the size 1 in plus and it was even marked down again; this time to $17.48.  Oh Target.  I love thee!

It fits me much better in the shoulders, and while it's still about an inch too long, I can deal with it.

Weird hair day.  I did an olive oil treatment and my locks are limp and lifeless.  So instead of freaking out I pulled it back and hair sprayed it into oblivion.  I actually quite like it.  You can see my cute earrings (50 cents at a thrift store! they're tiny white roses) and my Hawaiian pookah shell necklace, gift from my friend Carmella.  Also wearing my JCP black tank underneath, and a Merona for Target cardigan in size 1x.  I didn't button it up because it is HOT outside but it has a sequin bow on the front!

Also wearing my Target flats.  I am like a walking advertisement for that place!

My kids go back to school tomorrow.  They are bummed, I am thrilled.  They are bored and taking it out on each other.  And for the first time ever, I will have all three kids in one school.  Yes, all three are in high school.  Missy is a senior, Tiger is a sophomore, and Bucket is a freshman (or fresh meat, as they're called.)  And I am on vacation this week!  Yes, I took vacation the week they go back to school.  One, I felt like I needed to be available in case the school needed me to handle Bucket.  This is going to be a rough transition week.  Two, I had requested this time off before Tiger went to the hospital.  I still have time I have to use, so I decided to keep my vacation.  I'm very much looking forward to it!

One thing I plan to do?  A fresh pedi.  I am in love with those nail stickers.  It's a sticker that covers your entire nail.  All you do is place the sticker over your nail, and with one of those wooden sticks, you trim it.  These butterfly stickers have been on for two weeks and they're still completely in place with no chipping.  And since I am not great at painting nails, this is a great alternative for me.

Me without the hot cardi.  I like the way it looks both ways!

Admittedly, not crazy about this view.  See my crazy hair and jiggly arms?

Pardon the junk on the floor.  Redoing our cabinet is another to-do for my vacation week.

Missy said, "Mama, vogue!"  And so I did.

Things I plan to do on my vacation: 1) scrapbook 2) go back to the trainer 3) labwork 4) go to the library 5) paint my front door 6) reorganize the white cabinet 7) clean the oven 8) watch old Disney movies 9) clean my desk 10)  relax!

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