Tuesday, July 3, 2012

True Appreciation

I have to say, if a woman has to work for an income, working from home is a great choice.  And I'm blessed that I'm allowed to do so.  I have very few distractions when the kids aren't home; no water cooler gossip, few surprise meetings, and lots of quiet!  One of the bad things though, are the lack of social activities (if you're a social butterfly, which I'm not.) and the "out of sight, out of mind" issues.  As in, no one notices me until I make a mistake.  It's not a great feeling.  So imagine my surprise when I received flowers from a doctor's office!

I love that it came with a vase, too!

This is what she wrote:

We are truly grateful for you and your work ethic. Flowers don’t say enough but I thought the arrangement would convey to you how you make us feel when we work with you. As for the open house, there was one for physicians so we didn’t lie but we were really trying to get your address for the flowers. I would love to have you come over so we can all meet you and put a face to the great person we are working with. Let me know when is good for you and that way I can make sure to be here and give you a special private tour and introduce you to everyone. Thanks again for all you do!!
One of their nurses had asked me for my home address to send me an invitation to an open house, which is why she made the comment about an open house.  I'm telling you, after getting the really not-so-great raise after working my tail off for three years and getting certified, this really helped to perk me up!  It certainly puts a smile on my face and reminds me that my good attitude makes a difference to many people.  I'm also pretty happy that I have the rest of the week off, I still have 86 hours of PDO to kill for the rest of the year and that's a lot for July.  Have a wonderful Independence Day, readers!


Kelly said...

What a wonderful affirmation!

Yay for 5 days in a row off. Is your sweetie going to be home for any of it?

Katie- Hems for Her said...

Well, that was very sweet of them! And the flower arrangement is gorgeous!

Sarah R said...

Kelly, unfortunately, NO! He was here in Florida and instead of bringing him home, they gave him the option of a load to Texas. And...shhh...we are hoping to pick up a used car for Missy for her birthday as a surprise. So he took the run.
Katie...I know, I love the vase, too! It made me so happy, it's camped out on my kitchen counter right now.