Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 21 of June Dresses; But it's the 22nd.

Yesterday, I was too pooped to post.  The week of driving caught up with me.  Mr. R left for a trip to NJ and I went to bed at 8:30 and I slept all the way to 7 this morning.  Please know, you didn't miss much.  I wore my beat up blue Walmart dress with a brown tank top and barefoot with no make up or jewelry all day.  But I sort of made up for it today.  I had to drive back to Orlando (KILL ME!) for Bucket's doctor appointment which I made way before I knew I was going to have jury duty.  Then I had to run into my actual office, drop off my jury paperwork, get paper and ink, and come home.  So I only worked half a day today.  Which is good because I've reached my mental limit and I need a break like no one's business.

Avenue dress, bought with my birthday coupon in May 2012.  I believe I spent under $25 for it.  Target flats?  Owned forever, I think.

Ahhh, the photobomber strikes.

I love this dress because it has a higher neck than most of my dresses.  However, I think it needs a colorful belt and I did forget earrings.  It needs...something.  Although I suppose that is why it's called a "little black dress."  It's an opportunity to make it interesting, and I kind of flopped on it.  Plus I could have used some lipstick.  I look like the walking dead; which  makes sense because I sure feel like it right now.

Things I'd like to share:

1) Right now, I've decided not to go back to school.  My company only gave me a 30 cent per hour raise for all the work I went through getting certified.  I have to stay until June 2013, but after that, I'm free to move around.  I think I'm going to wait until I'm at a new facility, and make sure they have tuition reimbursement.  Then I'll go back.

2) Mr. R HATES my hair.  Yes, you heard me.  Absolutely despises it.  I am bummed by this.  He wants me to grow it out.   Now, before anyone rags on me; Yes, I know I have beautiful hair.  I'm very blessed that I have very lustrous, thick, wavy shampoo commercial worthy hair.  But it's soooo hot here and I'm miserable in the summer!  I guess this is my way of saying; I'm growing out my hair.  Again.  Sigh....

You know what?  I shoulda worn that python belt.  That would have looked great.  Oh, and excuse the hair.  Mr. R took my comb with him; and I had no way to get the tangles out this morning.  On the list of things to buy tomorrow: comb.  Toilet paper.  Cat food.

My fat arms and I want to wish you a lovely weekend!

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