Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 19 of June Dresses; I Like Downtown, But Not Everyday!

I am pretty much over jury duty, that's for sure.  But at least I had my comfy WalMart dress to keep me looking professional during my service.

George via Walmart, bought for $20 back in 2009, in Charlotte, NC.

Purple tank, and purple jewelry, both Target.

We finally get to deliberate tomorrow!  Never thought I'd be happy about that.

Kicked off those shoes while I was still in the parking garage downtown.  Yes, I drive barefoot!

Guess I'd better find what I'm going to wear tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

you look so cute.
geesh girl before summer ends your hair will be past your shoulders

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Sarah R said...

My hair grows very, very fast. That's why cutting it is not a big deal for me.