Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunshine City

Saturday was a gorgeous day here in Central Florida!  It was 75, sunny and breezy.  I'm sure it will be one of our last under 80 degree days until October or so.  I took the kids to the beach.  Hello, Daytona!

No driving on the beach today; the tide was too high.  There was very little beach to sit on!

He is not a beach fan.  When he was 9, he was at New Smyrna Beach and got stung by a jellyfish.  He likes the sand, but will not go in water.  He just asked me to buy him a set of sand pails and a shovel.  His birthday is the end of this month, and I might buy it for him as a gag.

How smart is this!  A Starbucks right next to the beach.  As soon as we settled in, I hopped up and ran over to get my morning coffee.  It was awesome!  Beach, sand, surf, and coffee.  I'm almost teary eyed, it was so perfect.

Could be one of my favoritest pictures evah!  And yes, my nails are orange.  It's a good summery color, not just for Halloween!

Bucket got into the water; I was watching him like a hawk.  Rip currents were awful, and there were 6-10 foot waves.  He's a good solid swimmer, but a mama is going to watch her boys!

Happy flip flops in sand, where they belong.

I agree, wholeheartedly.  Except I don't wear shorts.  But I get the idea.

Then, we came home, more sunburnt than I realized.  The poor kids.  They are miserable and I feel bad that I forgot sunblock.  My mom of the year award is not coming, apparently.  Here we are today, going to church on Easter!

My boys have outgrown most of their nicer clothes and I just plain forgot to get them suit pants.  So jeans it was. 

Our neighbors bought this dress for Missy at a yard sale for 50 cents!   Can you believe it?  I  have some awesome neighbors.

The cardigan went over her sunburn.

Missy loves Nutmeg!

I'm done with this dress.  I haven't worn it in 3 years for a reason.  It's sort of a shame.  Oh, wearing my flower printed Target flats.  They go perfectly!  And my purple Target earrings.  This is an Avenue dress from 2008 or 2009.  This is the third time I've worn it.

One, the belt sucks.  It slides up and down.  Two, you have to iron it.  Three, I hate the brown buttons on a purple dress. (I know I could change that, but good luck finding purple buttons that would match!) But, there are things I like about it.  The color is so gorgeous and saturated.  I like the shape, a-line to the knee.  I like the collar, as it seems a bit dressier than my knit dresses.  But as soon as Missy started singing the Barney song when I came out of my room, I resolved to retire this dress.  It didn't help when a good friend came up to me today and RUBBED MY TUMMY!!  I don't think I look pregnant in this.  Oh people.  Look, please do this for all pregnant and non pregnant women.  Do not assume a pregnancy.  And certainly don't touch my stomach.  I PROMISE you, if I am pregnant, I will TELL YOU.   I will shout it from the rooftops, and send you an invitation to my baby shower.  But right now, I'm just fat and I am not Buddha, so don't rub me.  Got it?

Me and my sweet girl; and apparently my slip.  Oh well, at least you know I wear proper undergarments to church!  Happy Easter, He is Risen!


Jennifer M. said...

Wow, Missy looks so much like you! :)

I cannot imagine having such warm weather this time of year! Lol. We've had rain &/or hail most of this week - high in the low 50's. Today was actually pretty sun though - a nice change. :)

Misgi Candra Dasa said...

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Sarah R said...

Oh yes, she is my CLONE. But she acts like her dad. Genetics is such a riot.