Monday, April 9, 2012


That's how many pounds I lost during my induction week on Atkins.  6.6.  I am pleased with those results.  It is pretty much right on target with their advertising for "Lose 15 lbs in Two Weeks!"  Except for day 3 when I had a horrifying headache and had nightmares about having to take a pastry class and eat all my work, I've been fine.  I have not cheated once; NOT ONCE.  I think my body might be happy with me considering how much salad and veggies I've been consuming.  I promise, it is not all about bacon, cheese and butter.  In fact, I made a pound of bacon yesterday and couldn't even bring myself to eat more than three slices.  Tiger handily finished it off for me.  Teenage sons = eat everything in sight.

So what do I miss on Atkins?  Bread.  Mashed Potatoes.  And tortilla chips!  Not candy, not cake.  I've discovered a little gem called MIO which is a flavor for water with no sugar in it.  Oh, it made me happy to find that.  I truly love drinking water, but sometimes I want something flavored.  I got the strawberry melon and I intend to try others now.  My downfall, as usual, is chips.  I have a new jar of salsa and no chips to scoop it with; I find this sad.  I found a recipe online for making flaxseed chips.  I intended to make them, but the healthfood store was closed yesterday for Easter, so I might try to run over there again to buy flaxseeds.  I need something salty and crunchy to snack on!  And I want to eat my salsa!

So what's next for me?  Well, I'm going to continue induction.  I'm loving the Atkins day break shakes for the morning when I just can't look at bacon or eggs.  I had one this morning; chocolate, yummm!  I'm back to going on walks in the morning; not runs yet.  I did a 20 minute walk this morning; it was glorious, about 55 and breezy, and I watched the sun come up as I heard roosters crow in the neighborhood.  For lunch, I intend to make a salad; romaine lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, leftover ham from Easter, and few spritzes of olive oil for my healthy fat (I don't like most salad dressings!)  I'm trying to keep on drinking my 8 glasses of water, and making smart snack choices.  In about two weeks or so, I'll be adding healthy nuts and seeds back into my diet.  I'm super excited about this; I love nuts!  I like peanuts, walnuts, almonds.  Not crazy about macadamia or pistachios, though.  I also love seeds; pumpkin, flax, sunflower.  Looking forward to having some healthy carbs again too, like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries!  I'll keep you updated, but this is not a weight loss blog so it won't be every day posts.  As usual, this is just a "Sarah is all over the board" blog, and I am what I am.  (which is slightly loco.)

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Allen Skipper said...

You are a super writer. I enjoy reading your blog!