Sunday, March 25, 2012


I seem to do the same things, all the time.  I work Monday through Friday.  We eat out on Friday nights.  I do chores and some socializing on Saturday.  And I go to church Sunday.  I am routine, predictable; and I am fine with it.

Mr. R is home, which means I get real photos.  He suggested going outside, and I happily agreed.  This is our back fence, with our clothesline and our newly sprouting peach tree!  Oh...and me.

Am...blind...cannot...see...outrageous...sunshine! in the shade.  What I'm wearing: black lace cami tank, Walmart, maybe 4 years old.  I think it was $3.  Weird animal print dress, Goodwill, 2011, $6.  Trotters shoes, $90.  Most expensive shoes I've ever owned.

The back of this dress is kind of sexy.  I like it quite a bit, but it limits the camis I can wear with it.

Almost completely recovered from the awful outbreak of last month.

Had to take a quick snap of the hubby and our kitty, Nutmeg.

I said to Mr. R, "take a picture of my hair!"  Gosh, it's hard to even think about cutting it when I get a picture as pretty as this.  Literally, I have no products in my hair.  This is just a comb through.  No mousse, gel, wax, paste or spray is in my hair.  Although I think it could use some color correction.  But wow...not to be bragging, but I think my hair looks beautiful here!

A quick pose by the overgrown rose bushes.  I want to you all to know, I suffer for my art.  I got a thorn in the butt for this picture!

How was your Sunday?  Do you stick to a weekly or daily routine?  How is your weather in your area?  Today, it was about 83, with bright sunshine and a decent breeze.  Absolutely lovely!


D'Rae said...

Love the photo of your hair! It looks so pretty, as do you!

Sarah R said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This was a fun post to read, and lovely photos as well. I like your dress.

Fashionista Extraordinaire said...

Your blog is great! Very nicely put together :) I'm new to fashion blogging please check out my blog!
Let's follow each other!

Taylor said...

Love the dress - so flattering. And your hair DOES look fab!

Sarah R said...

Well, thank you, my friends!