Sunday, March 18, 2012


I love this dress, but I look awfully pregnant in it.  And since I'm not pregnant yet (that I know of...trying not to look at the calendar, but I'm coming up on my normal cycle and so far, my skin is clear and I'm not craving Pepsi, so we'll see!) this dress needs to be banished back to the closet unless I layer a shirt over it or belt it.  I forgot I bought a belt from Torrid a week ago; maybe I will try it again another time.  Anyway:

Dress: Target, but shortened by my wonderful Mommy!  Black flats, Target.  Gray tank: Target, but it's a pajama top.  Oh please, like you can tell?  Jewelry: handmade by my Mommy!  She's so talented.

My trouble area(s) is definitely my midsection.  But this dress is such a pretty blue, and it will be great as maternity wear hopefully soon.

Hair: getting long, and no cutting it.  And now you can see the jewelry my Mommy made!  Isn't it pretty?  The blue gray color matches my eyes exactly.  Oh, and you can see my skin is still healing.  It will take some time.

Look who got a hair cut instead of me!  Bucket got a "faux-hawk."  I think he looks great!

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Jill said...

$60 bucks? Get out of here! I love it.