Saturday, February 4, 2012

No Work Friday

I worked 35 hours in 4 days this past week because I had Friday off.  I was supposed to take Tiger to an oral surgeon for an impacted wisdom tooth, but the dentist referred me to an out of network provider so I had to cancel the appointment the day before (I don't pay dental insurance so I can be a self pay!).  At first I was ticked because I was wasting one of my precious pdo days, but I decided to keep the day off, and hang out with my hubby.  I made him take pictures before we left for the day.

I really not sure what is wrong with that man.

Mr. R "Hey babe, I'm sorry.  I cut off your feet.  Do it again."

Mr. R: "Your feet are too little anyway.  I'm not sure it makes a difference if they're in the picture or not.  And it looks like you're barefoot."  (note:  I wear a size 8 1/2, and I am wearing sandals!)

What I'm Wearing:  Purple prescription sunglasses.  Black knit 3/4 sleeve cardigan from Avenue, size 18/20 (it's getting a bit big on me.  The shoulders roll on it, but it's such a versatile piece!  I may try to find it on eBay in a size 16.)  Green maxi dress which my mom hemmed for me to be knee length.  I think it's a Jessica London, I can't remember.  It's a size "L" which is 18/20 in Jessica London language, and it's also getting too big for me.  Sandals, Avenue, size 9W, so they're also a bit big on me.  (is anyone here seeing a pattern of me wearing stuff that doesn't fit well?) And last but not least, my gorgeous new bag my sister-in-law bought me for Christmas, an authentic red Louis Vuitton bag.  I feel like a fraud carrying it when everything else I own is from Target, Walmart, and the like.
I am dying for a hair cut, but I said I wouldn't cut my hair.  But ugh, I am so annoyed with it lately!


Taylor said...

Ha, your husband looks like mine always does when I make him take pictures with me! Love the dress - sorry it's getting too big (although not a bad problem to have). Drooling over the bag!

Sarah R said...

I love the bag too. It is ENORMOUS. Taylor, I thought of you today. I was at Goodwill and I found a pair of Stuart Weitzman black pumps for $5. They were a size 8, too little for me. And I thought...if I had Taylor's number, I'd text her and mail these to her! STUART WEITZMAN!!!
My hub's hair is driving me crazy. I call it his "Einstein" look. It is mostly gray, practically white, and stands straight up. He looks ridic but he won't do anything about it.