Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm Doing Better

I cried for two, nearly three days straight.  My father is dead, my biological father is dead.  No more chances to fix anything, no more time for me to try and get to know him.  Our history is now DONE.   I'm sad, but I am finally at peace because 1) I forgave him, on the phone, and he heard it.  2) I did everything I could, and maintained my own sense of honor.  At this point, there is nothing else to do except rest in the family I do have; the family who has loved and always accepted me, and enjoy my church family.  Plus...I always, always, ALWAYS have a Heavenly Father who loved me before I was even born.  He will NEVER leave me and I have comfort.

So...before my father died, I was working on decorating my dining room.  My dining room is the very first room you walk into when you walk in my door, so it was important to me.  I have a few before shots:

We use this table non-stop.  You can see I have my decorations, laptop, purse, coupons, drinks, and all of Mr. R and Tiger's music equipment is behind it.

We didn't spend a ton of money on this set, and I'm glad.  Because the kids wrecked it.  We have to recover the chairs, with a fabric that is NOT WHITE.

Music books, music cords, iPods...we are the musical family.

Look what the kitten did to one of our chairs!  I have no idea how to fix this.

My (undusted) china cabinet.  I did buy that cute little scarecrow at WalMart for $8!  Missy named her "Autumn."  We're so original.  And Nutmeg the kitten keeps attacking her.
I am in the process of decorating this room and will show it to you when it's all done, which I'm hoping will be by this upcoming weekend.  I didn't buy anything "Halloween"-ish because I much prefer autumn like stuff which I can use for three months; September, October, November.  I'm that cheap.

No full length shots today, but I did manage a few pictures:

Don't tell my extra chin...but you're starting to disappear!  Buh bye, sucka!!!

It looks like I'm winking, but I'm really not.  I think.

One of my favorite coffee mugs.

So I took my new bangs and did a swoopy side bang and I'm totally loving it!

Time to color hair again.  Those grays love to creep in at the temples.

And, last but not least, the perfect way to make someone feel better:

I got me some baby love.  This is Olivia; Missy's best friend had a baby last week and I got some snuggle time.  No pics of me, it was the day after my father died and I looked red and swollen.  Maybe next time.

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