Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chalazion, Gross Pictures Included

I didn't go to church today.  Last night, while out to dinner with the family, I turned to Mr. R and said, "My eyelid hurts."  That's fairly specific, no?  And I woke up this morning, looking like THIS:

Yes, my left eyelid swelled to the point where I actually had to pull my eyelids open this morning to see.  And this is AFTER I had treated my eye with medication and a warm compress.  It was actually much, much worse.  But hey, my eyebrows look great!  I pulled my hair back with two barrettes and gave up on all my plans for the day.  It looks awful, feels worse, and I'm actually having trouble seeing out of my eye.

So clearly, I did not go to church.  I did fall back asleep from 12 to 1 while Mr. R went to church.  I felt bad.  I do enjoy going!  But honestly, no point in exposing all my peeps to my ickies if I don't have to.

I had a good outfit picked out for today, too.  Kind of sucks that you guys don't get to see it.  Guess I'll wear it next week.

I haz a sad.  I'z stuck in da house wit my icky eye!

Booooo to chalazions (or styes.)  You ruined my Sunday!

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Jennifer M. said...

Sad! That doesn't sound like fun at all. How does that happen anyway? I've heard of people getting those but wasn't sure what they were or where they came from. Is it a sickness or just a random bacteria or something? I'm really curious now! Lol.