Monday, June 13, 2011

Looking Rough

My eye got worse last night.  Not taking any more pictures until my days as a UFC fighter are done.  Let's just say it looks so bad, even Bucket noticed that Mommy looks like crap.  And he's oblivious to pretty much anything.


Missy said...

Did you ever figure out HOW it happened?!?

Sarah R said...

That's the weird thing, Missy. I got styes as a kid CONSTANTLY. Whereas my sister was Miss Ear Infection from 1980-1992, I was the girl with the weepy eyes. So it's not uncommon for me to have this issue, but I hadn't had one for at least....I want to say four years. Possibly six. I had a tube of medicine in the house, and I've lived here for ten years, so I'm guessing I've had at least one eye infection in the past decade. But this one was awful. According to, cause of styes can include hormone imbalances, stress, and just blockages of the glands in your eye. I am guessing mine was from stress. On Friday night, I spent hours sobbing over despair over my work environment (I hadn't mentioned that in the blog.) I am wondering if all that crying got my ducts blocked.

K said...

That looks painful! I hope you feel better soon!