Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not Winning a Blogging Award This Week

I just haven't had much to say.

Mr. R has been home for about four days, which is always wonderful.  Although I am looking into the kitchen from where I am sitting now and realizing that he left me with at least two loads of dishes.  The man can cook, but boy he hates washing a dish.

The last day of school around here is this Friday.  That means I have grouchy kids taking finals this week.  Plus, Bucket managed to catch a really nasty cold, and he's miserable.  But I can't let him stay home because there's no more make up time.

I'm supremely glad that this is Memorial Day coming up this weekend.  I really, really could use a three day weekend.  Of course, I know that is not what Memorial Day is about, as I come from a military family.  But I'm still very happy.  Right now, I have no plans.  Missy is spending part of the weekend with her Nana (my mom) so I've encouraged Tiger to make plans with a friend if he wants to do so.  Bucket will not; he will be happy just to have the xbox all to himself.  I may rent him a few games so I can get some projects done around here.

I used the new mixer to make mashed potatoes, and it was great.  I see cookies in my future.  Even going to try a few diabetic friendly varieties, as long as they don't use that fake sugar in them.  Those taste awful!

So how is everyone out there in blog land?


Randal, Erin & our 5 sweet Girlies said...

Hey Sarah! I love keeping up with you so I'm happy to see you blogging! Hope Bucket feels better soon, hope your kids have a great last week of school & hope you have a very relaxing Memorial Day weekend! I bet your taters were delish! Love you girl!

Kelly said...

I'm not winning any blogging awards either, unless you count the recipes I've been posting on my recipe blog. I am all about cooking lately LOL.

This weekend is going to be busy. Allen turns 17 Friday and has big plans for friends to come over and have a fire out back (rain is in the forecast though blah).

Saturday we have a graduation party to go to.

Sunday a picnic at Dad's lake house.

Monday morning Doug leaves for work. So glad he gets Sunday off for the holiday. But this weekend is extra busy, and it will hardly seem like I'll see him.

But the weather looks lovely Sat. on...sun...6 days in a row even LOL.

Sarah R said...

The taters were delish, Erin. I put them on top of a shepherd's pie!
Kelly, what is the link to your cooking blog again? I think you sent it to me once before, but I don't have it in my blogroll. And I'm super glad Doug will be home for your crazy weekend! Happy Birthday to Allen! They grow up soooo fast.

Kelly said...

Sara, it's this:

Feel free to add it to your sidebar.

Jennifer M. said...

I have read that eating vegan is extremely healthy for curing diabetes, etc. I read this book about it and it kind of blew my mind: