Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday Morning, Saturday Night

I think I had the busiest day ever planned for yesterday.  I was scheduled to pick Tiger up at the middle school lock-in at 6am; he texted me to pick him up at 5:15, because he felt sick.  I guess drinking 13 cans of Mountain Dew will do that to a person. 

Then I took Bucket to do labwork at the hospital, then we went to Denny's for breakfast.  This is where he shocked me and ate scrambled eggs!  I have been trying to get this child to eat eggs for YEARS.  And he just up and orders them at Denny's like he's been doing it for forever.  This is what I wore to Denny's and the hospital with my baby:

Going out of my comfort zone, and wore a patterned top.  And I love it!  I got compliments all day about how cheerful it was.

Still loving the hair, too.

I wish you could have seen more of this top, but it's hard to take pictures of yourself, full length.  I may eventually invest in a tripod and a timer.

Missy and I did end up at the Taste of Home show.  We had fun, but it was still strained due to the fact that we had both lost of our tempers the day before.  I wish I could have taken pictures, but no cameras were allowed, which was kind of a bummer.  I wore the same top, with a black skirt and my coral flip flops.  After the show, I had an unreal headache.  I went home, took two advil, went to bed for 90 minutes, woke up feeling fabulous.  Then I got ready for my friend Natalie's 35th birthday party.  We went to high school together.  Despite the fact that I hate bars with a passion, I showed up for my friend.  And I wore this:
My favorite blue Goodwill top; Saturday was "Light It Up Blue" for National Autism Day, and of course you know I had to represent.  My mom fixed the sleeves on this top, and it is so much more comfortable now.  Thanks Mommy!

This is only pair of jeans I own; they are Svoboda, size 20, and I love them.  I got them for $50 on eBay, which is a steal for Svoboda.  And I want to cry because they are starting to not fit right.  Of course, it's for a good reason, they are getting too big.  But I want another pair of Svoboda, and who knows if I'll get lucky on eBay again?

This is when I'm telling Tiger, "Can you include my feet this time?  I had a pedicure and I'm wearing cute shoes!"

Side profile still not my favorite.  But you know...I didn't gain 100 lbs in one year, and it's going to take a while to lose it.  So it is what it is. 

I wore a bracelet instead of a necklace.  It is a Lane Bryant stretchy bracelet, and I wore matching earrings with it. 

As usual, my best side.  LOL.  I guess because my legs and backside are so strong from holding up all my weight, but I have very muscular legs.  I get very self conscious about the rear view because I am so...shapely back there.  I think that's why I prefer skirts over jeans.  You may have an idea that I'm shapely under a skirt, but with jeans, it's like advertising.  It makes me uncomfortable sometimes.

About two years ago, I couldn't do my own pedicures about I couldn't reach my feet for extended periods of time to actually paint my own nails (sad but true.)  Now as I've lost weight, I can do my own pedicures, and I've been having fun!  This is a pretty teal color.  Oh, and that is not dirt on the middle toe of my left foot.  It's a freckle.  Of all the weird places to have a freckle?!?!  These shoes; I've had them at least four years.  I don't wear them very often because they pretty much demand that you have a fresh pedicure.  They are open completely in the front and back.  They are not uncomfortable, but I wouldn't wear them to walk around all day in, either.  The base is wooden and makes an awesome clip-clop sound which reminds me of tap dancing.  I've been known to tap dance through the house when I wear these, because I like the sound.  What, you know you'd do that too.
So, the bar.  I dislike them.  I have never been a drinker.  Natalie's party was fun, if you like to drink and swing on poles.  I don't do either.  So I took pictures, spent $4 on one tiny Sprite (!!!) had one chicken wing which was so hot that my sinuses drained, and left by 11:30.  Natalie's mom is super sweet and said, "I sure wish you could stay!"  I told her if she had Natalie's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese next year, I could stay the whole time.  I had her laughing, which is a good thing.  I love my friends, and their families!

Then I went to bed, woke up at 8:30 this morning to Roscoe yelping because he normally goes out at 6am to pee, and we all overslept.  I ran to let him out, then went back into my bathroom to notice two things.  1) got my period.  2) I had pink eye.  So I skipped church, put a warm compress on my eye, and did two loads of dishes already.  Now I'm wasting time on facebook, uploading pictures of my butt (lol!) and I intend to spend a busy day clipping coupons and cleaning.  Ahhh, the life I lead.  It is glamorous.

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Jennifer M. said...

Both of these are actually really cute! That colorful shirt brings out a nice complexion in your face. :) Also I think the jeans actually look pretty slimming on you! I know sometimes the way pants are cut make a huge difference. Tapered legs always make the butt look bigger but straight leg pants are pretty flattering on all body types (according to Clinton and Stacey on What Not To Wear!). ;)