Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Power Bills Make Me Sick

Yes, it is 100 degrees outside.  On April 27th.


Jill said...

I love the heat! It's a breezy and cold 54 in Nebraska!

Kelly said...

That's crazy!!

I am thrilled that it is in the 70s today. Of course it is going to STORM! and tomorrow's high is 54.

And sadly the entire first week of May it is going to RAIN! It rained all but 4 days in April. I am OVER the rain! So that means the humidity is about 85%. It's 77 in my house and I'm thrilled not to be cold. I had the furnace on last week LOL.

Anyway.....that is just insane! but I bet you have sunshine you stinker LOL.

Sarah R said...

I would much, much rather have a breezy 54 today than this thick oppressive 100 degree heat! Let's trade, Jill!
And yes, Kelly, we do have sunshine. And forest fires because it hasn't rained in so long that the whole state is a tinder box.
We have a 40% chance of rain tomorrow...really praying that it does.

mom2nji said...

Tomorrow is only going to be 95. SOB.

Sarah R said...

95? Well, let me get my fuzzy socks and my parka. I'd hate to catch my death of cold in this tundra!

Kelly said...

Sarah, here if it says rain, and it is anything higher than a 10% chance, it's going to rain. I'll gladly send you some rain and you send me some sunshine.

Today it is lovely and 54 after 80 yesterday. Of course we had nasty, nasty storms. It is still WINDY! but the sun keeps peeking out. Makes me happy :)

Jennifer M. said...

Oh my goodness, I could not handle that. I hate it when it gets past like 85. Lol.