Monday, April 25, 2011

Jessica London, I Adore Thee

I think the better question is, why aren't they sponsoring me at this point?  Come on.  SEND ME A CARDIGAN TO REVIEW ALREADY!
In this kelly green color.  Yes, please!

Again, in this color.  I want the dress, too!
Stop the presses.  I MUST OWN THIS.  It is perfect for Florida!  I'd wear it to church, wear it to work with a cardi.  I simply adore it.  It comes in yellow too, but I want it in white, now!
I get lots of magazines in the mail, and I tend to flip through them all.  But I never...and I mean NEVER have gone through a magazine and circled as much stuff as I did, than with the summer Jessica London.  Possibly because summer is my dominant season, everything seemed like it would suit me and my lifestyle quite well.  The dresses were gorgeous and lightweight, the cardis not too chunky, even the suits were of tropical weight.  I am trying to figure out how to spend a grand without Mr. R figuring it out (kidding!....maybe)  I found cute skirts, loads of flattering tops, dresses, cardis, suits, swimsuits, was a great catalog.  Good job, Jessica London!  Now send me something.  ;)


Taylor said...

Yeah good luck... I have been working on a Nine West sponsorship but so far nada. I LOVE that white dress! It's amaaaaazing!

Sarah R said...

I know, it's eyelet which is so sweet. I just got an coupon in my inbox, too. Ohhhh, payday needs to HURRY UP.
You should get a Nine West just for the shoes, really.

TootsieandFruitsie said...

lol... some nice stuff.

Jennifer M. said...

Very cute! You could try selling your older clothes (or books or movies) on eBay and use that money to buy new clothes!! ;)