Friday, April 8, 2011

Not A Real Day Off

I had yesterday off, and hardly got any studying done, because I ran around all day like a crazy woman.  I ended up having to order my 2011 coding books on Amazon, and paying a huge premium to have them shipped overnight so I can take my test on Saturday.  Herzing didn't have them.  Not cool, Herzing.  So much for you guys saying that I can use your textbooks.  Big ding for you.  $190 out of my budget is no small feat.  I guess I will be super couponing this week to make up for such a huge loss.

Anyway, I am home studying today.  I did not get dressed, I did not wear make up.  In fact, I'm wearing the white tank top I wore to bed with red pj bottoms and my leopard flip flops (I'm diabetic now; I no longer walk around barefoot, which I hate.  One of the only things about Florida I've embraced is truly that barefoot lifestyle.   That and orange juice.  I never drank it as a kid in New York.)

So this is what I'm doing today:

1) Glaring at you, wondering why you won't bring me another cup of coffee.  And thinking about getting an eyebrow wax again.  GoodNESS.  Eyebrows, you can stop.  No need to keep growing that fast, thankyouverymuch.

2)  Wishing for free refills, and wishing my honey would call me.  Also, wishing the kids would stop leaving their iPod cords all over the table!

3) Praying that everything in these books...would get into my head.

4)  Remembering to wear glasses before attempting Number 3.  And wishing my husband had a better spot to put his amp, instead of in the dining room.  But it is right next to the drums, so I guess that makes sense?
I don't know if they grade the test on the spot, so pray for me that I do well tomorrow on the national coding exam.  I'm going for my CCA...Certified Coding Associate.  I'm very good at coding and not worried about that; it's all the other weird questions that scare me. 

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Jennifer M. said...

RE: the iPod cords. You should try what my mom did with us (with other things - iPods weren't around yet). She gave us a warning, "Okay from now on, anything I see lying around is mine for a week". We, of course, paid no attention, so.... after leaving stuff lying around again and then finding it GONE with no hope of returning for a week, we quickly learned to pick up our own stuff!

(P.S. she also did that with laundry. She'd tell us, "Any money in the pockets is MINE!!" and she meant it. I quickly learned to empty out my own pockets! Lol).