Friday, April 8, 2011


Tomorrow is my CCA exam, peeps.  Please be praying for me.

I contacted the manager of HIM and she reminded me that they still wanted me for the position, but had not posted the position online yet.  I replied that I was anxiously waiting, lol.  Glad they still remember me at this point.  Hard to believe my internship was in February!

Been going through my clothes.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I have enough dresses.  Yes, I said it.  I have about 30.  I just love them, what can I say?!?  I also have tons of tops.  Wrap tops, button downs, fancy tees (I DO NOT do regular tees, my tees have to be vee necks and made for a woman, not a guy's shirt.  I DO NOT have a man's body, so I don't wear men's clothes.) , tank tops and camis.   I am thinking I have at least 40 tops to wear.  Anyway, here's a list of TEN things I would really like to have!

1) Skirts.  I like dresses so much that I always bypass skirts.  But now I'm missing out on wearing all these cute tops because I have nothing to wear below.  What I could use are
a) black lined A-line
b) black lined pencil
c) denim pencil
d) gray lined A-line
e) camel, khaki, or olive green A-line
f) something with a pattern to go with all my solid tops...not a huge floral fan, so maybe a plaid or a houndstooth?

2) An honest to goodness black suit.  I'm talking the blazer, skirt and trousers.  Awesome to mix and match, to wear to interviews, conferences, and for any speaking engagements (been doing those for autism ministry lately, too!)

3) Trousers.  Ugh.  I'm not fond of pants.  And if I didn't have this tattoo on my leg, I'd bypass this completely.  But on days when I need to be in front of upper management, I need pants to hide the tattoo.  Plus, can anyone recommend good tat cover up makeup?  Also good to wear on days when I just don't feel like shaving.
a) black trousers from above suit I'm planning to buy
b) gray trousers, probably bootcut
c) a patterned trouser...possibly windowpane or pinstripe?

4) Shoes.  Shockingly enough, I don't own tons of shoes.  I love flip flops.  I can't wear those to a hospital.  Durrrrr.
a) black closed toe pump
b) brown closed toe pump
I have lots of flats which I like.  The flats I own are in black, nude, dark purple, gray, Christmas plaid, navy, and blue leopard.  I also own two pairs of closed toe high heels right now; maroon and camo (no, I'm not kidding.  They are FIERCE and I don't think I've worn them in five years.  Very sexy and kind of not appropriate for work.  I call them my Gwen Stefani shoes.)  I also have my black boots which I only wear a few times a year, since dying of heat exhaustion is also not professional.

5) CARDIGANS!  Oh my land people.  How have I missed out on the cardi phenomenon.  Every time I see a blog post from a bloggy friend, they are wearing cardis.  And I am jealous, peeps.  Yes indeedy.  I want...a couple hundred of them.  Right now, I have THREE.  Can you believe it.  My very thin purple cardi which really doesn't do much for me.  A red crochet shrug type cardi from Torrid.  It's cute but it's more like a bolero and hangs weird around my girls.  And my black and white stained glass cardi I got for Christmas.  So yes, I need more!  I am thinking no to blazers, and yes to cardis! (Nothing against blazers...I just have broad round shoulders and a rack, and they never seem to fit me right.)  I want long sleeves, short sleeves, three quarter sleeves, solids, patterns, appliqued...I want them!

6) Decent bras.  I need a fitting.  Stat.

7) Not shapewear, per se, but something to give me a smoother flow under the garments.  I'm going to tell you guys something you may not want to know.
~I wear granny panties~
Yeah, you heard me!  I HATE ABHOR DESPITE DETEST AND GENERALLY DISLIKE thong underwear.  It makes me feel like I have a wedgie all day and I'm sorry, but picking at your heiney all day is not professional.  My poor husband thinks thongs are sexy and I can put one on for like three minutes and then all I want to do is rip it off.  So I could really use some seamless underwear.  And maybe some full length slips.  I own one slip, and it is a piece of garbage.  So I think some of those one piece slips may be the ticket for me.  I'm willing to try.

8) Accessories.  I'm just learning to pick these up.  I own two scarves, not quite sure what to do with them yet.  I am buying earrings after many years of not wearing any, due to having little kids who would rip them right out of my ears.  I have a few necklaces now.  I am really hoping that Mr. R will eventually get my engagement ring fixed.  I would really love a nice watch; they sell watches that have medical information encoded on them; I would like to get one that has my diabetes diagnosis on it in case of an emergency.  I also do not own a single belt.

9) Another pair of glasses.  I love mine, but I'd like another color; perhaps tortoiseshell?  Always good to have a back up pair anyway!

10)  A winning smile and great hair.  After seeing recent pics of me, I finally noticed that my teeth are not as white as they could be.  I'm blessed that they're mostly straight, so I think I'll be doing a tooth whitener soon.  My coffee habit is catching up with me, boooo.  Also, the hair.  I finally spent money on my hair and now I know why women do it.  Worth it.  WORTH IT!  I will not be going cheap on my hair anymore!


Kelly said...


Boy short cut panties are usually seamless. I used to hate thong panties, until I lost weight AND until I bought some at VS. They are the only comfy ones out there (imo). But boy short cut panties are my 2nd faves.

I love skirts. I am not so patiently awaiting warm! weather so I can wear skirts and dresses and cute shoes!!!

Good luck on your exam tomorrow :)

Sarah R said...

Maybe once I lose more weight, they will be more comfortable to me. Until then...guess I'm going boy short shopping! And as far as warm; Kelly, it is set to be 92 today. I am miserable. Only 6 months to go until it's in the 80s again. Sob...

Taylor said...

I love that I am not the only one who abhors the "man t-shirt." I never thought about them in that way before but that's what they are! I love "tees." Cute, shapely, colored, scoopneck, v-neck, girly TEES. And yes, you MUST jump on the cardi bandwagon! I have lots of summerweight short-sleeved cardis which would be perfect for you & your temps there! Good luck tomorrow!

Sarah R said...

Ok, let me say, Taylor, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I read the old one, I'm now reading the new one. I love that your new one is named after Cardi' completely cracked me up. I am real big on not wearing men's clothes. The only time it's actually kind of cute is when you're wearing HIS shirt to bed as a nightie or something.

Jennifer M. said...

Yeah!! Sounds like a shopping trip is in the works! :) btw, thongs are the devil. Dont feel bad for not wearing them. Lol. Try boyshorts - they're super comfortable and don't leave pantylines either.