Monday, February 14, 2011

What I Want

The time is winding down.  I am inching closer and closer to graduation.  I have three weeks of classes left for this last term, and then an extra two months to go; my actual graduation day is April 26, although I should be done with all my classes quite a bit before that point.
My brain, frankly, has had enough of studying and writing papers and creating discussion posts.  I've gone for the past three years missing weekends, sleep, vacations, and precious time with my kiddos.  Was it worth it?  Honestly, my answer at this point is:  We'll see.  I'm still at the same job, haven't taken my certification exam yet, and have not applied to any other jobs within the hospital. 
My mind is focused squarely on summer right now.  Summer in Florida is not my favorite time of year.  The heat is stifling, my power bill has been known to double or triple.  Yet, this year it is calling to me.  I have visions of the beach, and not having a textbook with me.  I have decided I want one of those long wooden patio chairs for laying out; I haven't laid out for a tan in years.  I don't think I'll be tanning, but I just want to lay in my yard and REST.  I stare longingly at my Bible and wonder when the last time is that I opened it up and read for more than 10 minutes.  I desire to get back into the Word so much that I literally ache.  I've abandoned my Bible for textbooks and studying.  I want to spend hours in my kitchen cooking nutritious food.  I want to learn how to make jam.  I want to make vats of healthy smoothies with hemp milk and yummy fruit.  I want to pull my sewing machine out of storage and learn how to make my own dresses and skirts for my upcoming career change. 
I want to wake up on a Saturday morning and go to the flea market or yard sales, instead of firing up my laptop for more coursework.  I want to go fairs, I want to go to the dog park, I want to stick my toes in the sand.  I want to look all around me and revel in God's Majesty, to walk through the palm trees and put hibiscus in my hair and maybe need to cut an aloe plant because my cheeks got a bit of sun while I wandered around His glorious world.
I want flip flops and a sundress to be crazily overdressed as I walk on the beaches of Volusia County in the cool evening with my husband by my side.  I want to share a romantic kiss with him as the waves crash to our sides.  I definitely want some coconut shrimp and I want to go fishing and crabbing with my handsome husband, then grill our goodies when we get home and wash it all down with tequila margaritas. 
I want to have the time to take our 1/4 acre yard and turn it into a garden of delicious goodies.  I want to learn about gardening and soil and rain barrels and pretty flowers.  I want to spend evenings in our yard, and listen to the tree frogs and watch the kids roast marshmallows by the fire pit.  I want to light citronella candles and put my feet up.
I want it all, friends.  What are you dreaming about lately? 


Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome. I wanna live that dream too! Sounds like you need a vacation!! ;)

Anyway, I could've sworn I was subscribed to your blog and I kept wondering why you weren't writing lately... then I came over here to check and come to find out it was me with the error! Lol. I look forward to going back and catching up on what I've missed. :)

Sarah R said...

I need a vacation in the worst way. And I emailed you about your other request!