Monday, February 7, 2011

Tornado Warning in Volusia County!

This is the view from my desk.  When the clouds started gathering, I grabbed my camera and opened the back door.  And meanwhile, I was on hold with Blue Cross of New Jersey the entire time.  I *am* the multitasker!
Ominous and beautiful at the same time.

I was looking for rotation, but never saw it.

So I decided to run to the front door instead.  Look at the top of the photo, near the right middle.  Is that a funnel cloud or just coincidence?

I'm scared, Mommy!  It's dark and windy and HOLDDDDDD MEEEEEE!

Look at the middle of the picture toward the left.  Is that not a face?  It looks like someone growling!  Oooh, creepy. 

This is the empty lot across the street from our house.  During Hurricane Charley in 2004, all these trees were snapped in half.

Beautiful, beautiful nature.

It's so easy to appreciate blue skies and sunshine, but I revel at His work in the storms, too.

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