Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sarah Walks Outside!

 I'm standing in my driveway, enjoying the, uh...overcast skies and intermittent rain.  Hey, it was still 65/70 outside.  Warm enough that a sleeveless dress was not completely out of the question.
I'm not sure why there's an empty Wendy's cup behind me?

Hair is getting longer!

Another Merona dress.  Of course!  I'm wearing a tank for modesty, but you can't really see it.  And my gray Payless flats.  Size 1x.  I wore this to church with my purple wrap cardigan. 

Pictures today are outside, instead of in my hallway.  It was overcast and the light was awful; but it wasn't raining so I made Missy take them outside.  And now that I see this, I really could have used a necklace.  But I was working in children's ministry today and you never know what could get yanked off you. 


Erin said...

You look beautiful & adorable at the same time Sarah! : )

K said...

Sarah-I'm jealous that you have bare arms and legs! That dress looks fabulous. It's such a great color and shape!

Sarah R said...

Thank you both, Erin and K. I'm lol'ing at the bare legs; I look pretty pale and pasty. Should have moisturized or something! Oh well, that's the point of taking pictures, right? Now I can see certain things and fix them for the future.

Shannon said...

Love this! (And substitute the critique of "pale and pasty" with alabaster and porcelain. :) I tell my super fair-skinned roommate the same thing.