Saturday, November 27, 2010

Obligatory Thanksgiving Stuff

Oh of course I'm thankful.  Thankful and grateful and filled with love.  But do you guys really want to see my Thanksgiving?
Well, that's why it's my blog.  You're going to get to see it anyway.

Missy and my mom, and their dog Brody who just had to be in the picture.  Animals love Missy.  He follows her all over the house.

Missy and I...and probably one of my favorite pictures ever.

Tiger, waiting on food.  And watching Spongebob, I think.

Roscoe the Scavenger, waiting for food to drop.

Mr. R on the phone with my brother Kevin.

Bucket and my mom.  We had to threaten to take away the turkey leg from him if he didn't take a picture.  That's why you're getting the goofy face.

Hoping your Thanksgiving was blessed.  I did end up feeling awful by the end of the night.  I didn't time out the meal plan very well and my blood sugar dropped like crazy, so I ate something sugary which brought it up too high.  I ended up laying on my mom's couch praying I didn't hurl.  But I did recover nicely.  Diabetes does not care if it's Thanksgiving.  But hey, I'm still learning, right?


Karla said...

looks like some good family time :)

Sarah R said...

It was, Karla. And welcome to my blog! I'm going to check yours out as well.