Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frustrated Beyond Belief

One of those days with Sir Bucket, when he tests my very limits, and makes my heart literally hurt inside my chest when I wonder: "What am I doing WRONG here?"

School called.  Assistant principal.  She doesn't call to say hi, you know?  Bucket apparently kicked a child in the head (a friend!) who apparently tattled on Bucket for doing something wrong.  The thing Bucket did wrong; it was sexual in nature.  We are having major issues lately with masturbation (I can't believe I just typed that out) and very sexual language that is not at all polite.  So this boy going to an administrator was honestly a good thing.  Bucket didn't take well to the fact that his friend told on him, and so kicked him.  And is therefore suspended for four days.  Today is one of them.  Bucket does not go back to school until next Monday. 

Believe me when I tell you, it does not escape me that this happened one day after Mr. R left to go to Virginia for a load.  The bad behavior erupts every time Daddy leaves to go to work.  The pattern is clear to both of us.

Bucket is 12 years old, and it is quite normal for 12 year old boys to get those sexual thoughts and feelings.  That part doesn't bother me.  What bothers me is how he is acting out.  Every single person in this house has caught him "taking care of business" so to speak.  And if we've seen it, I am certain people at school have seen it.  His attitude is horrible, he's mean, he curses, and will get violent if he doesn't get his way.

It is with all this information that I've not sure if we're having the reversal done.  I just can't bring a baby into this house right now.  Mr. R must be home.  Bucket is so angry, and so rude, and so...UGH!...that I am not even entertaining right now.  I don't have friends come over for coffee, and I don't babysit anymore, and I don't feel like I can have Missy's friends even spend the night.  She has to go to their houses for a sleepover.  Raising teenagers with autism is HARD.  Every time I feel like I get one phase down, another one starts.  This one scares me.  I hope you'll please be praying for Bucket to grow out of this one quickly, and move onto something else besides sex or violence.  Or both.  ~shudder~


mom2nji said...

Not looking forward those years at all. The crappy thing is, it is part of autism to not understand those boundaries. The violence is a no go though. sigh.
Is there another school in the area he can go to? Or even virtual school? My little sister is doing it now.

Sarah R said...

No other school except private school/McKay scholarship, and of course there is online school. But that doesn't help with social skills. That's where we're clearly failing.
Sigh...I don't know what to do anymore, Jenni.

ThriftyMomma said...

Sorry to hear your troubles and yet you find time to say kind words to me..thanks so much.

Erin said...

Oh, I am so sorry my sweet friend! Praying hard for you & Bucket! My heart is aching for you right now! I love you so much & I'm sorry that you are going through this!