Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Self Portraits

The sunlight is giving me a red tinge.  Both of my grandmothers were redheads, so it pleases me immensely.  I never met my paternal grandmother; she died when my mom was about 3 months pregnant with me.  I'm named after her.  I hated my name when I was younger because I always wanted a nickname.  But Sarah is perfect for me now.  It's a very grown up lady name.   My maternal grandmother passed away when I was 18, my first month of college away from home.  Her name was Josephine.  I'm very glad I was named after Sarah.  :D
I can never look the right way when I'm talking self portraits.  I look so silly! 

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Thriftymomma said...

Hiya! No backlash here. I was home the majority of my four kids lives..still am and I think it's way important. We have done everything to make this possible including giving up lots and lots of "things" we downsized our home more than once, made due with one car that I could be home with my kids..I didn't want someone raising my children with their moral code. I wanted my moral code instilled, my values and wanted my children to have a secure family. Many women are exceptions because they have dead beat husbands or runaway husbands and have to support the children themselves and have no other choice. This happened to a girlfriend of mine who was homeschooling her kids..the husband just took off one night so instead of her having to change the kids entire routine she got 2 other female single mothers and they all rotated shifts so that each could be home with their children. Not ideal but it worked for her and she still got to home school. Anything is possible if you really want it bad enough.