Sunday, October 17, 2010

I was mid-sentence here.  Ok, I love this top.  Don't love it so much on me right now.  I got it at Kohl's on clearance last year for...I think 6 bucks?  My hair makes me want to cry.  It's growing out, I'm trying to be patient, but GAH.  I like the sleeves.  It is so hard to find a nice tee with sleeves that go to the elbow.  I think they're very flattering.  I think this would be better if I got a decent foundation garment.  All I'm wearing is a bra and a white tank top.

Side profile kind of says it all, doesn't it.  Back to the meal plan.  The pants are WalMart, I got them for $16 and they have a liner that is supposed to make you skinny.  Seriously, these are comfy like PJs.  Oh, my shoes are purple but it's hard to tell because they're so dark.  Anyway, I saw these pics and changed my outfit for church.  I wasn't happy.

Better, although I'm really glaring at Missy because she was being a complete snot this morning.  Is it so difficult to take a few pics of your mom?  I got this top at Goodwill a year ago for $2, and I wear it pretty consistently.  I wish the sleeves were a bit longer.  It's a thin material and I think I'll probably be wearing my long sleeved tees under it this winter if it ever gets cold.

Yeah, I feel better in this one.  Same pants from before.  Red shoes instead.  I super fluffy heart love these shoes.  I got them from, they are a wide width wedge and I get compliments on them all the time. 

Dark purple pedi!


Kelly said...

Sarah, my first impression was your hair is looking so cute! I am sorry you don't like it.

And those red them!

I can really see your weight loss. You go girl!!

And that neckline is very flattering on you.

Shannon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I will pray for you as you dilgently try to loose weight. Just remember...Jesus thinks you beautiful!

Sarah R said...

Thank you both, ladies.
And word...that has NEVER occurred to me. Thanks for getting my wheels turning.

Jennifer M. said...

I love that 2nd shirt on you! I think the style of the garment does a lot to disguise unwanted stomach pooches. ;) After watching a million episodes of "What Not To Wear" on TLC, I've realized that everyone can look good in clothes, as long as they buy styles that emphasize their good spots and minimize their bad ones. It just takes a little experimenting with styles!

And yes, I wonder too if support undergarments would help. Tyra Banks swears by them. Lol. I've been thinking I should get some myself, just to smooth things out under there.