Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm proud to report that between my exercise and changing my diet to a low-carb lifestyle (lots of eggs, meat, cheese, tons of veggies, no sweets, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta) I have now hit the TEN POUND mark.  I have lost ten pounds since June 6.  I attended a birthday party with a Carvel ice cream cake that I avoided, went to the Olive Garden and had no breadsticks, and managed to avoid homemade banana bread at church last night.  Phew!  Talk about temptations all around me!  I furiously sucked on my water bottle like a smoker clutching that last cigarette and pretended that the yummies had arsenic in them. 
Breakfast has been hardest.  I like toast and bagels and instead have been making myself eggs with onions and green peppers with turkey sausage.  Lunch is easier, I have rolled up sandwich meat or tuna fish with a salad.  Dinner has been easy too.  Grilled meats like chicken or steaks or burgers with veggies on the side.  Only on one night did I cave and have a dessert, and that was an applesauce cup.  No flavored drinks except coffee.  I've drank nothing but water.  I feel AMAZING and have not had that afternoon slump when the sugar crazies get to me.  I'm sleeping great and even took the dog for a walk on my lunch break yesterday.
Unfortunately, when you're as fat as I am, ten pounds doesn't really register on the body that much.  I still look...fat.  But I can tell the difference.  My bra doesn't fit me as well.  Instead of the last hook, I'm on the tightest hook.  There is room in the cups where before I was overflowing them.  The straps on my tank tops keep slipping over my shoulders.  Even my SHOES seem to fit better. 
My blood sugar is reflecting this as well.  I'm still a diabetic, but I seem to be controlling it with my diet and my one medication, Metformin.
I finally told Mr.R how much I weigh...yeah I told all of you before I told him.  He was shocked, he had no idea.  I guess I hide it well.  He said he was proud of me for taking control of my life again, and promised to be low carb with me when he's home.  What an awesome guy I'm married to!
Thanks for the support guys.  I have a long way to go (I'm guessing between 80-100 pounds more) but finally seeing a substantial move on the scale has really encouraged me!


Bobbie said...

Good for you for making healthy choices. It's nice when the results start showing up.

Sarah R said...

Thanks Bobbie! And welcome, hope to see you around again soon.