Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm Glad I Wore Jeans

I do not normally wear jeans to church, and for the life of me, couldn't figure out why I did it today.  I think it might be because I can finally fit in them.  Anyway, I am a volunteer in the autism ministry at our church, and this is my month where I hang out with my special buddy.  Well, today she told me that she was too old for a Bible buddy and could do it on her own from now on.  It was bittersweet,  I've learned to love this girl to pieces.  I gave her a great big hug and told her that we were still friends, and she could hang out with me whenever she needed a grown up friend.  Then we high-fived and she went on her merry way.  Sniff.  This is the point of the program.  I helped her when she needed it, and now she's independent and more mature.  What a great girl.  I'm going to miss hanging out with her on Sundays.  Anyway, as I was "dismissed" I hung around and discovered that we have a new 4 or 5 year old boy with autism; and his is quite a bit more intense that the girl I just worked with.  He is super adorable.  He does the whole hand flapping, tip-toe walking, echolalia thing.  I guess this is why God let me wear jeans today; he was hanging on my leg the entire time, and even tackled me when I was sitting on the floor during story-time.  I would have flashed the whole class if I'd been wearing a dress or skirt.  I don't know if I'm going to end up being his helper; I am thinking about cruising on over to the middle/high school area and seeing if I'm needed over there. 

I was glaring at Missy because she was being a snot this morning.  Please excuse my motherdeathstare.

Missy told me, "You can tell you ate pizza last night."  Ugh.  Tis true.  I basically told Atkins to go to heck, and I had pizza and coke and ice cream last night.  I am sorry I did it...I actually don't feel very good today.  I'm making meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes and roasted parmesan broccoli tonight.  Even meatloaf has carbs because you have to use bread crumbs to bind it together.  Ummm...just a thought here; do I need a better bra?  I am thinking I'm a bit droopy here.

The hair is growing quickly.  This top has been loved to death.  It used to be a mealy khaki color.  I dyed it pink.  It came with a dark purple sash, which I'm wearing.    
Outfit: Top: Kiyonna.  It used to be khaki, I dyed it.  Probably $40, about three years ago.  Came with the dark purple sash.
Tank top: Faded Glory, WalMart.  $2, bought it just a few weeks ago.  It is white, pink and purple stripes.
Earrings: silvertone hoops, WalMart.  A package of six for $5 I think.  I tend to lose earrings so I don't like spending tons of money on them.
Necklace: black/blue/purple beads.  Sanford Flea Market, $4.
Jeans: Svoboda, from eBay.  $38 if I remember correctly.
Shoes: Payless.

In other news; a church family member who I hadn't seen in about a month shrieked when she saw me and said, "Have you lost weight!  You look amazing!"  I have not made my diabetes diagnosis and weight loss plan public news, so this was really encouraging. 

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Jennifer M. said...

Ha! That's awesome. I love it when I randomly do something out of the ordinary and then realize later that that was God's way of preparing me for something. It's neat to see God working in tangible ways like that.