Sunday, September 26, 2010

Green, But Not With Envy

This is a dress I've had...I think about two or three years.  I've worn it to church many times, and to lot of department meetings.  Well, it is now TOO BIG.  And even though I'm happy to be losing some weight, I sniffled a bit over losing this dress.  I adore the ruching, and the ruffled neckline, and the knee length, plus the COLOR.  I am a sucker for emerald.  Most greens are either lime, or forest, or olive.  It took me forever to find an emerald.  I was born in May, and that is my birthstone, and truly one of my favorite colors.  Not too easy to find though.  I may have to beg my mom to help me alter this dress.  After seeing the pictures, it is clear to me that I need to take in the waist by several inches, and possibly the shoulders too.  What do you think?
Side profiles make me sad at this point.  I hate my arm fat. And my gut is unreal.   But I'm honest; this is what I am.

You can tell it's too big.  It's almost shapeless on me at this point.  And I was not having a good hair morning.

See how much better it is when I pull in the sides?  I've got nearly a handful of fabric on each hip I'm pulling in.  Not only that, but I used to be able to wear this dress without a cami, but because the top is too loose now, it was a bit too breasty for church.  So I had to wear a tank underneath.

O'Malley wanted to know what I was doing.  Notice my serious model face.  I'm working it.  lololol

Good color, but outgrown.  The pictures have made up my mind.

Outfit:  Green dress, bought from eBay.  I think I spent $15 on it.
Brown tank: Target, maybe $5.
Silvertone earrings: $5 for a pack of six cheap earrings which hurt my ears, WalMart.
Shoes: Merona for Target, on sale for $6.48.  I wear these shoes constantly when I can't figure out which shoe to wear because they're nude and go with everything.


Kelly said...

Oh pretty dress. I'd alter it if I could.

I gave a bunch of clothes to my girlfriends in VA. I went to visit them in May and we all went to Starbucks. Two of them walked in wearing my favorite skirts. I was happy to be that size, but they were my favorites :) I am glad to see them have a good home.

I'm praying for Mr. R's job. I oh so know that desire.

Erin said...

That dress is a beautiful color & I love the style! I love the ruffle part, it just makes me giddy! : ) How wonderful that it's too big on you now! That must be a great feeling! Sarah, I'm so proud of you & happy for you that you are working so hard to make these good changes! You are adorable! I love you!