Sunday, August 22, 2010

No School For Two Weeks

Huge sigh of relief.  Phew!
Peeps, I'm sooooo close!  Right now, I'm slated to graduate in April.  APRIL!!! As in, 7 months from now.  I remember when on this very blog back in 2008, I was contemplating even starting going back to college.  Now I'm almost done!  SQUEEEEEE!

So, two weeks off.  What to do, what to do.  You know, besides working 40 hours a week, working out, and parenting the brood. 

1) I joined a women's Bible study on Wednesday nights.  It is being taught by a godly woman in my Sunday school class, and I can't wait.  She is such a wealth of information and I'm always impressed by her knowledge.  I'm very excited!

2) I have two other options for the next two weeks (of which one weekend is Labor Day, so I have a three day weekend in this) is either:
 a) repaint my kitchen cabinets
 b) do my sewing repairs

Pros and Cons:
It's going to cost money to fix my cabinets, but I have all the sewing supplies.
Sewing hurts my eyes.  But painting cabinets will probably hurt my neck and shoulder.
We bought a new above-the-range microwave oven and it makes sense to paint the cabinets before I install the new appliance.  I have never painted cabinets in my life; but I'm sure Missy will help reorganize the cabinets.  These cabinets are old and ugly, but in good shape.  Unfortunately, they are laminated particle board, which means I have to lightly sand the cabinets.  Then paint.  Then put a clear finish on top (I think.)  Plus new hardware.  Messy and time consuming.  But if I can do four of the cabinets, I don't need to worry about getting paint on my new microwave.

I've looked at lots of countertops, and have my heart set on recycled glass.  It's different than granite, is earth-friendly, and is so pretty I can hardly stand it.  And the funniest part is, they're made of broken beer bottles!  This is one that I like:


Here is another:

Since most of the interior of our home is painted blue, this makes more sense to me.  Credit:

So in my mind, it makes sense to paint my ugly cabinets, shown here:

Seriously, designer of my house; thank you so much for the 8 inches of space on either side of my stove.  That is PLENTY OF ROOM.  *rolls eyes*
And do you see how icky the wall behind the stove is?  It needs a backsplash, not paint.  I'll be working on that eventually, too.  But anyway, I don't know if you can tell, but my cabinets are cheap particle board with a fake pink wood overlay.  Yes, pink.  It is the bane of my kitchen existence.  I cringe when I walk in there.  I was hoping painting it red would help, but the only thing that will help those cabinets is being sanded down and repainted or replaced.  And I don't have the money to replace them right now.

So here are the colors I'm thinking of painting my cabinets:

This dark chocolatey brown.

And then paint my walls:

I'm going for the color here, not the fact that it's tile.

Anyway, I know shades of brown are kind of boring.  But can you imagine how gorgeous either of those countertops would look great with the neutral background?  I could go either way and be happy!


mom2nji said...

That is the color I painted my kitchen and dining room. I actually have very similar cabinets and I am debating painting them the same brown! I actually have the paint already. Dude are you spying on me?

Sarah R said... Not spying. For realz. ;)