Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm having one of those weeks when I wish more than usual that Mr. R had a normal job and was home with me.  I really miss him being the other half of this parenting machine.  The kids have all seem to hit that jerky I'mateenagerandthereforeknowmorethanyouandcanIhavetwentybucksandaridetothemoviesandnotdomychoresandrollmyeyeswheneveryoutalk kind of phase.  It is exhausting.  And because they're all very close in age, it all happened at once.  And I think it happened during a week when I had pms.  So it has been less than pleasant around here.  I breathe a sigh of relief when they leave in the morning and I gird myself up for the attitudes when they walk in later that day.  It is not a fun way to live.  I don't know how to solve this except to let time take its course.  If anyone else (Kelly!) has lived through three teenagers at once, tell me what to do! (Killing anyone and/or selling them on eBay is not an option.  So I hear.)
I think it's just hard for me to remember back when I had three adoring faces looking up at me, and trying to please me and thinking I was just the rat's cheese.  I miss those times.  Teenagers are hard to raise.  I know it's about training them up and letting them go, but do they have to be jerks while they're doing it?  Maybe that is what makes it easy to let go?  Beats me.

Well, when I'm having a crappy day, I tend to shop.  And shop I did, although I didn't go crazy.  I bought another new dress at Target.  It's purple and sleeveless and a wrap dress.  I found my $5 off coupon for Merona at Target, and went there to buy ink for my fax (it's true, I really did, but I made sure I had that dress coupon too, ha!).  Found out that the dress I wanted was on sale for $20.48.  Yay!  But now I couldn't use the coupon, because I had to spend $25.  Leave it to me to look around, and I found a pink and purple skirt on clearance for $8, Merona brand name.  Not my normal style, but elastic waist so I can wear it during uterine appreciation week, and I'll just wear it in the house while I'm working.  I'm not sure this will be an outside-the-house kind of skirt.  And I got to use my coupon!

Then I took Tiger to the movies.  And decided to stop in at KMart, which is in the same strip mall.  I have not been in KMart for a long time.  My mom used to work there and the one near me is pretty much a total dump.  But good deals galore, from what my fashion blogger buddies out there have been reporting.  Well, not mine.  My plus size section had nothing but tank tops (and I love a tank top, I really do, but I have a drawer full of them and I swear I don't need any right now) and shorts.  I hate shorts.  And polo shorts, which I think look awful on full busted women.  No skirts, no fashionable tops, just old lady tee shirts and some very nice work tops, but I won't wear them at home.  If I worked outside the house, I would have scooped them up, but they're useless to me now.  So I went to shoes.  They were having a BOGO but I didn't like any of those.  I did end up with a pair of sandals that I really like, they were marked down to 17.99.  And found a very cute brown corduroy purse that was only $8.99.  The purse I'm carrying now is seriously about to fall apart.  I got it for my birthday two years ago and I've basically murdered it.  Plus I decided I needed a new purse that was more segmented.  My dying purse was a big hobo bag and I would lose everything in it.  This one is maybe half the size, but has lots of pockets.  Although I'm starting to think my wallet may not fit in it.  Guess I'll find out.  *grin*

So anyway, that's my night tonight.  Exciting, no.  I'll do pictures tomorrow.  Maybe get some full length shots of myself.  I don't do that very often.

Oh, and I've decided to grow out my hair.  I can't deal with it this short.  I feel very butch and that is just not me.  I've tried styling it quite a few ways and I hate styling products.  I literally have lesions on my head from the styling products bothering me so much.  Nothing says attractive like a bloody gash in your hairline.  I think I'm going to stick to layered shoulder length hair.  Long enough to pull up in a pretty twist, short enough that I don't get headaches from the weight.  It'll do.  And it will make Mr. R happy, too.


Kelly said...

Sarah, I've only read the first paragraph, so I'll be back Sunday to finish reading.

Anyway, I did/do have 3 teenagers at once. I took to drinking LOL. But only on the weekends when Doug was home.

I didn't always cope well. There were a lot of frustrated phone calls to Doug where he would in turn call the boys and lecture them...because that does a heck of a lot of good when he is in CA and I am in OH ::rolleyes::

I learned to lower my expectations, pick my battles, and not to let them bait me. My oldest...oh my does he like to push my buttons. My life is so much less stressful since he moved out in March. The last 4 years have been very hard.

Anyway....I can sympathize with you all the day long and so know where you are coming from. We really should phone chat....almost as good as meeting in person, right?

mom2nji said...

Wait... you only have ONE purse? Whoa dude. I am a purse fanatic. I may have a *few* more than one...

Sarah R said...

Kelly: seriously had you in mind all week as I tried not to kill anyone. Last night was the cherry on my sundae as I discovered the two older kids lied to me and went to a movie I specifically told them not to see (that Exorcist movie.) And I blew off MY PLANS to go to yoga so I could drive them to the movies, just so they could deceive me! I couldn't even discipline them when I found out. I went to bed just so I wouldn't burst into tears in front of them. Being lied to hurts.

Jenni: I have more than one, but the black one I got for my birthday a few years back was my absolute favorite. I don't change out bags very often. I mean, I don't really go anywhere so why bother? But my black one, the strap is starting to fray and the hobo style is not my favorite. I carry too much stuff for that to work very well.

A Peculiar Person said...

I absolutely Love your blog!

I would love to get your comments and perspective on some of my recent entries. Feel free to stop by when you have a little time!

God bless, and keep up the good work!