Sunday, August 1, 2010

401st Post! Plus a Thank-You to Torrid

I didn't even realize my last (very short) post was my 4ooth post. Wow! I've really enjoyed blogging, although I've been off a bit lately. I can't wait to get my laptop bag and start uploading pictures and such. I'm on my work computer right now, and I can't upload pictures with it.

I had a very fun day with Missy on Saturday. Thursday was her 15th birthday. I had to work all day because someone else had already requested that day off. But on Saturday, she took her birthday money and we headed off to the only store she wanted to go to: Torrid, a plus size/juniors store in Orlando, at the Fashion Square Mall. Not far at all from where I attended high school. In fact, my bff in high school worked there at the Wet Seal. I never shopped for clothes there. Even back in the day, I was way too curvy to shop there. I think when I did go in there, I bought socks or earrings. Anyhoo, this is not a post about Wet Seal. This is about Torrid.

Let me just say, as a fifteen year old girl with actual curves, in a world where stick straight fashion is what's in style, it can be difficult. I've spent many hours trying on clothes with Missy, with her in tears and me wanting to strangle all these designers who have decided that women should have no hips for childbearing, that skirts should stop directly below the cho-cha, and that every shirt be designed to showcase your breasts. Designers for teenage girls: STOP IT. STOP IT NOW. Our precious daughters deserve more. And I refuse to give my money to stores/designers who want to slut up my girl. You hear me? *hops off soapbox.*

Torrid was AWESOME. Missy was so excited she practically bounced into the store. We were immediately greeted by an awesome lady named Rachel who basically became our best friend in the store. We told her it was Missy's birthday, and we were here to find birthday/school clothes, and that we needed outfits, not just individual pieces. Rachel looked at Missy, figured out her size immediately, asked her what her style was and what her favorite color was, and next thing I know, we had about 200 pieces of clothing laid out for us. We were there, literally for about two to three hours. We found jeans that fit her without Missy needing a trach to breathe properly. We found tank tops galore. Loads of gorgeous tops that show my daughter's beautiful face, and not her breasts. Cardigans that draped beautifully without adding pounds or wideness. And even a skirt which managed to say hello to my daughter's knees, and not her privates. I think Rachel found every purple item in that store and made sure it was on Missy's door to try on. By the time we were done, Missy had at least ten outfits to wear. Two pairs of jeans, a skirt, tank tops, regular tops, and a black and white striped cardigan. By mixing and matching, she would be set for a long time. I wish I had more money, because I would have bought her a few more items, but I do have groceries to buy. I tried to log onto the Torrid website so I could write a letter of appreciateion, but for some reason, my computer says their page is corrupted and won't let me long on. So I decided to come to my blog and thank Torrid.

Torrid, thank you for remembering that even curvy teenage girls want to look pretty.
Torrid, thank you for giving my daughter an awesome day of shopping.
Torrid, thank you for hiring Rachel. She was fantastic. Missy talked about how cool she was the entire way home.
Torrid, can you please put some chairs in the try-on area so us old moms don't have to stand there for hours? My feetz were killing me.


Allie said...

Isn't Torrid fantastic? And why the heck aren't more stores getting on the Torrid bandwagon? They seem to be doing extremely well.

And ditto the chairs, the one near me doesn't even have enough seats in its shoe department!! :)

Sarah R said...

That was my first trip to Torrid, and it won't be the last. I normally order online, but it is worth the drive. I wish Torrid had been around when I was a teenager. I'm 35 and would still wear a good portion of the clothing (casually, of course.)