Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Next Step

I'm loving the Y. I'm loving my exercise. Haven't bought my new swimsuit yet, but have been consistently going four to five times a week. It's been a month. And I've lost...three pounds. And honestly, haven't been on the scale this week, because it's FLUID RETENTION/BAD MOOD/UTERUS APPRECIATION week and the scale is not friendly at this time. So I skipped it this week so as not to depress myself in case it went up.

Next step: working on my intake.

I may have raged about this in the past. I like food. I mean, seriously. I don't consider myself a foodie, because I am not touching cow brains, or frog legs, or anything with bleu cheese (it's fungus, people. Really!) But I am a serious snacker, and I absolutely refuse to live on diet food. Meaning, three salads a day, soy cheese and skim milk. It will not happen. I believe in God's created food, natural foods. I eat full fat butter, sour cream, and half n half for my coffee. I insist on a steak every now and then. I like real potatoes, and bread, and simmering soups on the stove-top. I refuse to believe that one flippin cookie is a viable snack. One cookie is just going to tick me off. I will not cut coffee out of my diet. I refuse. Not only that, but I put real half n half in my coffee, and I drink at least two, sometimes three cups a day.

However; there is room for improvement. I don't drink enough water, which is possibly why my skin is such a wreck right now. I need to add more vegetables and fruits to my diet. I adore snack crackers and needs to be a treat, not an every day occurrence. And scheduling my day to make sure I have dinner before 7pm would be ideal. I'm actually considering using my cell phone to set alarms to remind me to drink another glass of water. Has anyone else ever used technology to give them the edge on dieting? I'd also like to wake up early enough to make sure I get a real breakfast, and not just a bagel thrown together with my coffee. I think these small tweaks would make the difference in dropping some actual weight so I can make my goal of size 14/16 by Christmas. I've got five months to go!


Kelly said...

You go Sarah! You and I are a lot alike. I like food. I like coffee and half and half. I like to eat what I want, and not fake stuff either. And so I do :) I just work it into my plan and feel like a normal person.

It is just too bad we don't live closer together. I'd have a workout buddy and no excuse not to join the Y.....

Sarah R said...

We ARE a lot alike...handsome trucker husbands, three kids, a love of the Lord...we should live closer together!

Jennifer M. said...

The trick is to get your metabolism working for you. It's true what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That's because it starts your metabolism working first thing in the morning. Eating something with protein in it is best, especially in the morning. Then snack on something after 2-3 hours. Then lunch. Then an afternoon snack. Then dinner. And by snack, I mean not a full meal. I suppose it could still be cookies instead of carrots, but the point is that by spreading out your calories, and eating moderately throughout the day, you'll be training your metabolism to start chugging away and working hard. This also doesn't meant constant nibbling. Just three actual meals and 2 light snacks - and yes, like you, I would consider actual butter and actual steak and potatoes to be a healthy meal; if it's real food, it's good for you, so long as it's in moderation (as in, don't eat only butter all day long). Nothing wrong with coffee either - they say it actually reduces your chance of heart attacks or something - so long as you don't have more than 3 cups a day. Definitely a huge thing would be drinking more water too; I need to get better at that also. And if you're eating REAL food (as opposed to processed food), you should be getting all your nutrients, which will your body not feel starved, which will keep your metabolism on track as well.