Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sassy?!?! And Style...

I bought 15 packets of strawberry Kool-Aid for VBS this week, and dropped it off with one of the VBS teachers today. She was out sick last week, so she hadn't seen my new hair.

"Sarah! I LOVE IT! You look so SASSY!"

It was hard not to contain my grin. I don't think of myself as a sassy person at all. Serious, responsible, dependable, accountable. I am the corduroy brown to the flamboyant pink glitter. I wear sensible shoes, natural make up, and age-appropriate clothing. You might find me at the library, but never at a stripper bar. I own one pair of strappy heels; I wore them once to a company Christmas party, and took them off in the parking lot and walked barefoot through downtown Orlando (they hurt!) However, I own flip-flops, sneakers, flats and sensible pumps. I am a vanilla suburban middle aged mom! But feels good to try it on.

Been thinking a lot about style lately. I read a lot of fashion blogs. I find them interesting, almost like an autobiography. I never considered myself a fashionable person, and still don't think of myself as one. As a woman who works from home, there is no real need for me to dress up and look my best every day. I think it is the inherent femininity of my personality that wants to dress up and be pretty. It finally occurred to me the other day that I am pretty much giving up on jeans. They make me feel fat. They're hot. They make my thighs break out in a rash. And they give me wedgies. I don't have a single pair of pants that I can put on these days and say, "Aaaaah." But when I put on a favorite dress or a feels like me. I feel put together. I have pretty much decided that from now on, I am a dresses/skirts kind of gal, and not because of some legalistic evangelical thing. I like my dresses and skirts. And as long as I'm modest and clean, then I'm honoring God and feeling great about myself. I am keeping my sweats for the Y, though. Not safe to work out on those machines wearing a skirt.

So that's my last post for June. I have sassy hair and I'm wearing dresses from now on. How's that? Oh, and I'm still thinking about trimming my bangs. They're driving me nuts. Too long for me to see through them when they're down, but too short for me to pull to the side. I keep pulling them back with a barrette on top, but it makes me feel like Pebbles Flintstone.


Kelly said...

Let's see a picture with the barrette. I'm sure you don't look like pebbles. Although I know how you feel, so I hide mine under my other hair LOL.

I prefer dresses and skirts. They are more comfortable and I feel all girly. I am a pretty girly girl. Although in the winter......I am not much into skirts here in NE Ohio.

Sarah R said...

Oh well, if I lived in Ohio, I'm sure I'd be singing a different tune!
Maybe I'll be brave enough to take a Pebbles pic tomorrow. We'll see. LOL.

Jennifer M. said...

Sassy! Nice!! :D

Also, I love that you're a wearing-bare-feet-downtown type of girl. Me too. Lol. I've walked barefoot in downtown Portland before. On my birthday actually. A few years back my sister and I were hanging out there, going to the Rose Festival and then walking down to see a movie. Anyway, this was in June and I hadn't worn flip-flops yet that year. Needless to say, after walking through the carnival and then several blocks more to the theatre, I was growing blisters the size of Texas! So... off came the flip-flops! Lol. My sister thought I was crazy.