Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Not a Good Blogger!

Just came on to apologize, friends. I know it's been two weeks since my last post. Why?

  • laptop broke
  • Mr. R was home
  • found out I'm diabetic

So I've been a faithful patron of our library, checking out books on diabetes, and getting angrier and angrier and angrier.

I have every single characteristic of diabetics, and it was not caught in years. I am at the point where I have pretty much learned that I've been diabetic probably four or five years. Blurry vision (I thought it was my job, staring at a computer all day). High blood pressure (I thought it was stress from my job). Constant urination and constant thirst (I thought I had stress incontinence, and helloooo, I live in a swamp, it's hot here, so I drink a lot of fluids.)

Not only that, but these books are crap. They give lots of contradicting information. The stuff about changing your diet makes me want to scream. So if eating bread and potatoes and rice and pasta turns instantly into sugar, then why the heck do these experts recommend 40% carbs a day? Do they think this is funny? It makes no sense to me whatsoever to up my carbs when sugar from carbs is what's killing me! Or do I switch to something like Atkins, and then have my cholesterol go up because I eat too much meat?

My head hurts. And I'm sorry I've kept it in for so long, but in a way, I've been mourning. I'm already sad about not eating Christmas cookies or pumpkin pie for the holidays this year. Stupid I guess, but I'm keeping it real.

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Kelly said...

Sarah, how yuck that you went so long without a diagnosis. The good thing is you are already making strides to eat better and exercise, which they probably want you to do, huh?

And I'm a horrible blogger lately, too. I just have brain freeze on topics to talk about. I have lots of opinions, but not much anybody would want to hear about lol. And