Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today, I Joined the Y

I did it! I finally dragged my butt up to the Y, wrote out the check for a year of membership for me and the kids (Mr. R was not interested) and made an appointment with a trainer to get information on all the equipment. I'm excited and scared and hope he doesn't want to weigh me.
Exciting! I may post a pre-exercise picture and do comparisons in the future when I get buff.
Remember: today, Sarah is a size 18/20. Aiming for 14/16 by Christmas, 10/12 by May of 2011. Make sure you root me on, I so need it!


Erin said...

Yay Sarah! I will definitely root you on because I'm doing the same thing & I desperately need it too! I'm proud of you girl! : )

Kelly said...

You can do it Sarah!!

Two years ago I was a 22/24. Today I am wearing a very comfy and often loose 14 and often times a 12 :) I have 37 lbs. to go. I'd like to by my birthday at the end of Feb., but I am not averaging a pound a week. But I'll be closer than I am now :)

So You Go Girl!!

Jennifer M. said...

You can do it!! (I say as I sit on my couch lazily).