Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Life Today...

I stole-ded this from Erin. I like reflecting on my day!

My life today........

Right now I am... checking my blog and facebook, grateful to be clocked out for the evening.

Outside my window... bright and sunny yet overcast. Florida has interesting weather!

I am hoping... that I can do my classwork in the car today when I bring Tiger to his saxophone lesson.

I am thankful...that while my kids are going through the normal teenage rebellion type stuff, that I know I raised decent kids who are respectful.

I am smelling...clean laundry.

I just... saved the poor cat from the clutches of an overly friendly Bucket.

From the kitchen...chicken breast with pasta and broccoli.

I am wearing....a blue sundress with a white tank top and blue flip flops.

I am creating... a schedule for my kids to keep them happy and occupied this summer while I attempt to work a full time job at the same time.

I am going... to reorganize my pictures because I discovered that I missed an entire album when I organized the pictures last year.

I am STILL textbook for school. This is my last week then I get a break!

I am thinking...that I wish I had an entire week off just to clean and organize. I really do enjoy doing stuff like that.

I am hearing...Roscoe's nails clicking on the floor as he tries to escape Tiger sweeping the living room. Roscoe is scared of the broom.

Around the house...Missy and her friend Jen are doing girly stuff in the bedroom, Bucket is watching TV, and Tiger is sweeping.

Some of my favorite things... I ordered Kona coffee from Hawaii as a treat for myself and I'm so completely loving it! I'm such a coffee snob.

Some of my plans for this week:

~ finish up my last week of this class and take my final exam

~ take the kids to the Y again tomorrow for lunch. Today was their last day of school!

~ sign up for VBS
~ make real cookies


Randal, Erin & our 5 sweet Girlies said...

I love reading about what other people are doing in their ordinary, everyday lives! : ) Can I have your "real cookie" recipe? I'm impressed that you're actually wearing a cute little sundress, I usually blog in my jammies! : ) Love you friend!

Sarah R said...

Yes, it's chocolate chip. I'll go grab the recipe book and fb it to you.
I get dressed every morning whether I want to or not. It is hard to get into a work mindset when I'm in my pjs. If I'm still in my pjs by noon, it's because I'm sick.

Jennifer M. said...

I love Kona coffee too! Whenever I hear someone is going to visit Hawaii, I make them bring me some. ;)

Sarah R said...

I personally would like to just go to Hawaii someday anyway. Even though I live in Florida.