Saturday, May 15, 2010

35 is the New Sarah

This sailboat was very close to shore. What a beautiful day! It was about 85-90 degrees, which is pretty temperate for Florida in May. I've lived here long enough to be grateful it wasn't 103.

Here's a funny story. We went to visit my mom at her job, and a guest from the week before (she works at rental condos on the beach) left three boogie boards and didn't want them back. They're ours now! Mwahahaha!

I rarely take pictures of myself. It was so bright I could hardly see, plus I'm trying to take backwards pictures because all the kids were wet and I didn't want them touching my camera. So this is what you get.

Of course, THIS ONE came out crystal clear! And you know what I just noticed. I didn't take the little sticker off my sunglasses. I never even noticed it! My peripheral vision is going DOWNHILL my friends.

Hair in face. *thpootie!*

Trying to do an artsy fartsy shot.

Yes, I do actually smile sometimes. Amazing.

Yes, what an awesome day. I'm alive, I have three cool kids, I'm on the beach, life is GOOD!

Trying to hide the neck fat. Didn't work.

Someone didn't get a pedicure for her birthday. Maybe sometime this week. It is needed.

Who left a Bucket in a jacuzzi?

NOM!!! GRILLED MAHI MAHI WITH COCONUT SHRIMP AND LEMON! (I didn't even look at the onion rings. Who cares? I had coconut shrimp and mahi mahi, people!)

Tee hee. There's my food. Mood is about to get better in

Deliciously refreshing water with lemon. I can't stand much else when it's hot outside. I dehydrate so quickly. Did you notice how red I was in the shot prior to this?


View from the restaurant where we were seated. Had a great breeze, too.

I'd live at the beach if I could. I'm a beach girl at heart, oh yes.

The drunk people at the restaurant. Oh, and I did get hit on a drunk guy at this restaurant. I show up with three kids and still get hit on! Unreal!

Bored, waiting on food.

Food. Give us food. Food is good.

And that was my 35th birthday! I wish you all could have been here with me!


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Erin said...

So happy you had a good birthday Sarah! Love you girlie! : )