Monday, February 22, 2010

8 Days?!?! Wow...

Sorry guys. I'm not purposely ignoring anyone, and I've been sort of reading my blogs. But posting? I've had nothing to say. It's either a joy or a burden, but when you do the same thing over and over, day in and day out, there's not much to post about.

Work? Check.
Sleep? Check. Still want more of that.
Eat? Check. Of course. Helloooo...
Study? Check, sort of. Been hard to care while I've been sick.
Church? Check, but only when I was on the antibiotics long enough to not infect the masses.

Now, do all that, every seven days. See? Why post that? Tre' boring.

I guess I do have a few things to update:

1) finally found a combination of medications that seem to keep my blood pressure in check. Bad part: It makes me pee. A lot.

2) finally got my FH computer. It only took me working at home for 8 years before I got one. It was a stat order, what can I say.

3) Mr. R finally made it to the 48th state in the continental. Yes, Maine was the holdout. He won't be driving to Alaska or, clearly, Hawaii any time soon.

4) I bought my first pair of jeans in about 3 years. They are Svoboda brand name, and I looooove them. Unfortunately, I got them a size too big. Thank God for these child bearing hips, or they'd fall right down. I also need to hem them. Do clothing companies think all fat chicks are also 6 feet tall? I'm short, ya'll. Not petite I guess but I still need to pull out a stepstool to get stuff on the top shelf. Like most women, I'd guess.

5) I scheduled my first PDO for the year on March 29-31. The kids are on Spring Break. Not sure what we'll do yet. I'm hoping for at least one beach day. I think they want to see a movie and maybe go bowling. I like all of those things, so stay tuned for funny pictures of me bowling. In my hot jeans of course.

6) I bought two more pairs of flip flops. Because I can.

I think that's it. Love and miss you guys. Sorry I'm not consistent in my blogging. Mwah.

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