Monday, November 23, 2009

Ten Signs You're Married to a Trucker

10) Your grass is a foot higher than anyone else's on your street.
9) Your cell phone bill is as much as your car payment.
8) Everyone at church thinks you're a single mom.
7) Your box of tax deductible receipts weighs as much as one of your children at birth.
6) You bristle when you hear someone make a comment about bad truck drivers.
5) He thinks your baked chicken, mashed potatoes and peas dinner is gourmet.
4) He gives up sleep to go a) camping b) fishing c) mall shopping with the kids, because he's already missed so much.
3) You've learned to pray on the spot for his safety when you realize he is driving nearby hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, floods and presidential elections.
2) You've learned to change a flat, cut down your own Christmas tree, fix a leaky faucet and bait a hook, because it just can't wait until he comes home (except the lawn, I just don't care. Haha!).
1) You could be wearing old yoga pants, a tank top, no make up, glasses on, hair up in a bun, and he thinks you're hot stuff. Don't correct him! YOU ARE.


Kelly said...

HAHAHA!! So true. Although I liked to mow the grass years ago and now I have 3 teenage boys :)

Doug said you hit the nail on the head.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Ok, Sarah, cut the grass already, girl. Or pay the boy to do it.

Funny post. I particularly liked number 1. Sounds great, if you can get away with it. Of course, I'm not married to a trucker.

Sarah R said...

My boys are finally old enough to be trusted to Number 1 was kind of a joke, at least personally to me. Tee hee.