Friday, November 20, 2009

Changing My Ways

I don't know who this lovely lady is, but isn't she gorgeous? I picked up her image from, on how to dress a curvy figure. First of all, you guys all know I'm a sucker for red. But look at her confidence! Look at her pose. She is not apologizing for who she is. She is fabulous!

Slowly, but surely, I am doing this for myself. I am almost entirely all dresses and skirts now. My two pairs of Lane Bryant slacks are lonely and perhaps dusty in my closet. (note to self...dust this weekend.) At first, it felt odd, because I was never much of a girly girl growing up. But now, it comes naturally, after a few months of me working on it. I own...gasp...7 knee length dresses, and one maxi-length (that's the floor length dresses.) I have about five skirts. I'd have four more if I'd ever pull my sewing machine out and fix the ones that are ripped. Everyone around me has noticed the change. My children's friends smile and say I look pretty. I'm generally asked "why are you so dressed up?" Someone even asked me if I was a Mormon!
I don't take my picture regularly, not because I'm scared of the camera, but because it doesn't occur to me. I think I might start posting my picture on here, maybe not daily, but a few times a week. I'm enjoying my new found feminity, just as God created me to be.


Allen Skipper said...

Thanks again for commenting on my devotion. I can't wait to see if you comment on it each day. You make me feel awesome, and it gives me motivation to keep posting for Jesus. Thanks again my friend! Have a wonderful weekend!

Allen Skipper

Allen Skipper said...

If you don't mind me saying, you are one nice-looking lady. Not only on the outside, but you have God also on your inside. Can't get any prettier than that! I am glad we are chat buddies. I look forward to getting your comments each day. Drop me an email sometime...would love to hear all about how God is working in you and your husband's lives

Sarah R said...

Allen...that's not me! I wrote on there "I don't know who this lady is"
But ummm, I sure this young lady would appreciate the compliment!

And I very much enjoy your posts too. So thought provoking!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I am posting hiding my name because this is a work account but you know who I am :) I went through the same transformation about seven years ago, when I hit 30 I found my femininity and became one sexy chick. I've ranged in size from 16 to 22 and honestly it doesn't matter, if you walk with confidence, smile like you are hiding something and remove the possibly of doubting yourself your life will change. Good luck on your journey.

Sarah R said...

Oooh, this is like a treasure hunt! I wonder who you are...
Can I get a hint? Do we work together, do you go to my church, are you an old friend from high school? Aaaaiiieeeee!

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