Monday, October 26, 2009

I Missed You Guys So Much!

We will start my return by embarrassing the fudge out of Tiger, on the way to his band concert. He had to wear a tux. Like I wasn't going to take pictures? Pshaw...

Here's my boy. I think his exact words were "Daaaaaad, Mom won't leave me alone!!!" Whatevs. 8lb 4oz out the hooha, and I get to take pictures of you for the rest of my life. That's the law, bub.

Can you tell I don't do yardwork?

He's really, really sick of me.

Mom. Stop. Mom. Stop. Daaaaaaaad!

Now I'm getting the evil eye and the silent treatment.

I know! I'll take a dorky picture of myself! That'll embarrass the snot out of him!

And one of that cute guy who is always driving. Just because. And yes, that's a ponytail. Don't get me started on that thing.

Back to my victim...errrr, son.

Finally, out of the grip of Momma with the camera, I now commence taking blurry shots of Tiger with the band.

The clearest shot I get all night, is of the band director's butt. Fabulous.

They put my boy behind the tubas. THE TUBAS! What a waste of talent. (my boy, not the tuba players. They were good. They were pretty much all you could hear.)

I chuckle because the tuba is bigger than the tuba player.

He's behind the the two tuba players. Really.

What is up with that boy ignoring me? It's like I'm following him around school with a camera or something!

Yay, I got him with the entire tux on! Vest, tie and everything!

And, Tiger with his friend Kyle. They're both in seventh grade.

And there is my adorable musician boy!


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Yeah, we have tons of band photos, too.

And that boy looks JUST like you!

Sarah R said...

I know, I know. Missy and Tiger are my exact clones, and Bucket is all Mr. R. I find genetics fascinating, don't you? All three kids have different eye colors. I'd like to see my Flagler College biology professor explain THAT. (Missy has hazel like Mr. R, Tiger is blue like mine, and Bucket has brown. Weirdo!)

Michelle said...

AH! I'm so glad you're back! I've missed you! :) And yes...your Tiger is the SPITTING image of you!! It's always nice when after carrying them for nine months and birthing them that they can at least resemble you, eh?